Sales Force Effectiveness

How to increase the effectiveness of sales teams

Deloitte developed a global methodology – Sales Force Effectiveness that enables performance management of sales teams, e.g., sales team strategy, talent management, remuneration and support processes. Deloitte offers a unique software tool – Shadow Match.

When to consider Sales Force Effectiveness?

  • Stagnating sales results, low margin, market share lose
  • Reorganization of the company (e.g., Post-Merger, reorganization)
  • Degrading or insufficient ability to compete
  • Missing or insufficient client relationship management system
  • Insufficient skills of the sales team
  • High or growing turnover rate in the sales team
  • Preparation for a new competitor into the market
  • Stagnating or decreasing motivation of the sales team
  • New approaches to client satisfaction – behaviour of customer-interaction needs to change

Benefits of the Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Company growth value (e.g., growing sales, higher margins)
  • Growing customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty (e.g., repeated/regular sales)
  • Growing company’s competitiveness (e.g., lower costs of sales processes, growing market share)
  • Better strategic competencies and sales skills of the sales team (sales staff develop their competencies according to the current needs
  • Better motivation of the sales team
  • More effective recruitment process (e.g., better selection of candidates, building up a reputation of an attractive employer)

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