Talent Management

Effective tool to keep human capital

Deloitte developed a global methodology: Deploy – Develop – Connect model enables companies to design a strategy and policies of talent management in a way that skilled employees are actively integrated and thus retained in the company.

Why to consider talent management?

  • Your company is expecting a significant growth in number of employees or is planning an acquisition for which you will need a great number of skilled employees
  • Reorganization plans
  • Identification of key talent and talent management plans regarding business goals have not been considered yet
  • Difficulties with staffing key positions, lack of skilled people in the job market as well as within the company
  • Recruitment is successful, but retention is unsuccessful
  • Impossible to find key talents and identify high-potential employees
  • Difficult to find balance between retention of employees at their positions and providing development opportunities
  • High turnover, especially in the most important high-potential employee segments
  • Best practice programs were implemented but approach of employees has not changed
  • Customers change over to competition due to their relations with former employees

Benefits of talent management

The main benefit of talent management is in ensuring that your company has: “right people in the right positions in the right time”. This model enables companies effectively execute the firm strategy and perform well. The benefits of the model are as follows:

  • Talented employees help companies perform better to fulfill the company goals
  • Lower recruitment and retention costs
  • Company will become an attractive employer
  • Talented and key employees will be retained
  • More effective succession planning for key positions and sufficient internal sources for recruitment
  • Talented employees will be staffed at suitable positions and their talent will be used effectively
  • Losses due to poorly staffed key positions will be minimized

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