Total remuneration system transformation

Remuneration as a key factor in motivation and performance management

Deloitte’s methodology enables to identify key employee segments and design and implement a proper incentive system in line with the corporate strategy and long-term objectives.

When to consider total remuneration system transformation?

  • Company is in the process of overall transformation/reorganization and is considering a reorganization of HR processes including the remuneration system
  • During green-field projects – new remuneration system needs to be designed, implemented and adjusted to local culture and stakeholders’ needs
  • An organization needs to better align performance management with employees’ performance and personnel costs
  • Dissatisfaction of employees and pressure to increase salaries
  • Lack of specific skills and low ability to compete in the job market
  • Stakeholders demand increase in productivity and performance and HR was identified as a key success factor
  • Growing workforce and growing entire lack of talented employees

Benefits of Total Remuneration System Transformation

  • Alignment of total remuneration system with the corporate strategy
  • Customization the remuneration system to the actual needs and priorities of the company (there is no universal optimal system) – our solution provides a long-term effect not only a single comparison
  • Definition of key employee segments and adjustment of the remuneration system and structure to retain key talents
  • Optimal personnel costs
  • Start of regular dialogue with employees about their priorities and preferences in the area of remuneration
  • Adjustment of remuneration practices to the employees’ preferences within the budget limitations and remuneration strategy
  • Emphasis on benefits being the integral part of total reward, not just something on top
  • Alignment of remuneration system with the growth of the company value
  • Coaching of HR personnel on the new system of remuneration


Evžen Korděnko

Evžen Korděnko


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