HR Transformation

How to take HR to the next level

The world around us is moving. Leadership are moved by what is happening inside and outside the organisation. All these movements lead to challenges for the HR function, and sometimes can require considerable changes in how HR delivers its services.

When to consider HR Transformation?

  • Cost reduction
  • Standardization and optimization of HR processes
  • Providing better and more strategic HR services
  • Consolidation of HR services after a merger or an acquisition, and solve new challenges in terms of a different cultural environment, cross-border job market and workforce mobility
  • HR information system implementation
  • Outsourcing of HR processes (use of external providers)
  • Aligning HR strategy with the corporate strategy and HR’s role within the organization
  • Increase the efficiency of HR processes and decrease of administrative burden of HR function and HR managers

Benefits of HR Transformation

HR Transformation will streamline the HR function and will enable better performance.

  • HR provides a stable connection of HR function with the corporate strategy
  • Optimal HR processes and infrastructure of HR that forms a solid base for the future development of the company
  • HR function has a set of defined tasks and responsibilities, lower administrative burden and a better alignment between the professional skills of HR with the corporate strategy and HR customers
  • HR processes are more effective and less costly and are supported by a feasible HR information system
  • HR provides superior services
  • Less HR administrative work in business units

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