Workforce Development

Strategic development – increase your chances to succeed

Workforce development is one of the key areas to which Deloitte Human Capital Advisory Services pays special attention. The goal of employee and management development is to align the company’s business strategy with human potential. Workforce development in Deloitte’s point of view represents a functional system of strategic education and development.

When to consider Workforce Development

  • High employee turnover, sometimes caused by dissatisfaction with management
  • Stabilization of employees and managers
  • Insufficient motivational tools in the hands of managers
  • Insufficient experience of management with “soft skills” or “hard skills” (need to accelerate the development of new leaders) or, conversely, experienced management which needs to cope with even more demanding requirements
  • Need to increase employee participation in meeting strategic goals
  • Universal offers of development services that unfortunately do not meet a company’s specific requirements
  • New challenges and the need for new competencies (skills, knowledge, technical skills etc.) – skills and knowledge gaps
  • Increasing company attractiveness for potential staff

Benefits of Workforce Development

  • Management is able to face new challenges in “soft skills” and “hard skills”.
  • Management possesses a tool for employee development and increases their motivation, which leads to staff stabilization.
  • Employees develop, perform better and participate more effectively in meeting the company’s business goals.
  • The company increases its reputation on the market and becomes an attractive employer (no expensive recruitment campaigns are needed).
  • Development programs are tailored to the company’s needs; “on-the-job activities” that fully reflect the needs of the company are employed.

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