Leadership, Engagement & Culture

Are you a leader deploying a new strategy, trying to get greater engagement to an existing strategy, dealing with employee engagement issues or searching for ways to enhance organisational performance? Our approach to leadership, employee engagement and culture can give you greater control over the success of any of these initiatives. Deloitte has developed a unique approach to “collective leadership” - As One - that can give leaders greater control over the success of rolling out business strategies and conducting large transformations. It comprises an analytics-based methodology, introducing a new language for understanding how organisations achieve their goals and developing a customised strategic plan to empower leaders to more effectively galvanise their people to work together to achieve organisational goals. The As One service offering helps our clients unleash productivity, realise the full potential of their people, and inspire commitment to a shared purpose. A collaborative journey - from goals through As One insight to As One interventions - focuses leaders on addressing that potential risk: “Are my people willing and able to perform the core tasks required to achieve our organisation’s goals?”

We have a team of experienced professionals who will work with you to review your current culture, define and implement strategies to build commitment, align employee goals and expectations with the corporate purpose or vision and hold effective organisation leadership with the aim of providing an engaging work environment and building a culture of development and growth.


Our Leadership, Engagement & Culture services include:

  • As One Collective Leadership
  • Culture Change & Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Leadership Development

“Companies are learning to reward and recognise employee achievement in more meaningful ways. While every employee would like to earn more money, research has shown that a more important driver of retention than above-average compensation is a “high-recognition culture.” Companies that have built a strong culture of “thank you” and “recognition” have a 31 percent lower turnover rate than their peers, driving higher productivity and tremendous savings in turnover costs.”


Source: Deloitte: Global Human Capital Trends 2014, Engaging the 21st-century workforce