Strategic change & communications


Strategic change & communications

Today, the world is getting flatter, faster and more complex. That is why the ability to adapt – to change – is at the heart of the long-term survival of organisations. Deloitte’s view of delivering organisation transformation and change lies in Strategic Change. Strategic Change is not driven by process, data or knowledge alone, it rests on a foundation of analytical insight and rigorous precision to deliver organisation acceleration. The result is a change that identifies and reaches defined end-state goals more effectively and in a more-timely manner. When change itself speeds up, the term “acceleration” becomes appropriate.

Off-the-shelf solutions for the delivery of change and transformation no longer work. Change efforts must be customised to the precise needs of an organisation’s transformation goal and account for the wider ecosystem in which a change occurs.

The common pitfalls why organisation transformation or change efforts often fail to deliver the value that their sponsors seek include:

  • Ill-defined business needs and goals
  • Lack of change leadership capability and alignment to the end goal
  • Generic change solutions that do not address the specific issues/needs of an organisation
  • Change efforts that stop before the change is truly embedded in the wider organisational ecosystem

Our principles

The Deloitte approach to Strategic Change is defined by the following principles:

Business-value focused. Solutions are focused on driving business value by understanding and addressing specific business needs and ensuring that project objectives are aligned to business outcomes and wider strategic goals

Leadership driven Change leaders are equipped with the ability to drive specific conditions within the organisation that enable a successful transformation and are aligned on a clear sets of goals and outcomes

Analytics-driven insights.  Analysis of both what stakeholders perceive and what objective (financial and operational) data tells us provide insights that can be used to develop targeted interventions and allow progress to be tracked

Precise solutions. Complex, differentiated stakeholder groups require targeted, well-timed and well-executed solutions.

Sustainable impact. Recommended actions address the wider organisational ecosystem in which a change occurs, both structural and behavioural/cultural elements are addressed, ensuring change is successfully embedded and the impact is sustained  

Our Strategic change & communication services include:

  • Organisation Design
  • HR Process Redesign
  • Technology Adoption
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Workspace Management

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