Technology adoption


Technology adoption

A technology project offers plenty of technical must-dos. Understanding them is only half of the puzzle. Making the implementation effective also takes commitment to people-related must-dos – the steps that address the organisational impacts of new processes/new technology and preparing business units. These steps can be a scramble that diverts attention from the business for years after an implementation. Or they can be part of a comprehensive vision from the start.

Deloitte’s experience shows that inadequate attention to change management issues can present a significant barrier to the successful implementation of any technology solutions. Above all, effective communication is central to any transformation process.

How we can help

Deloitte brings experienced professionals to work side-by-side with clients to implement new technology solutions including SAP, SuccessFactors,, Oracle, Workday, and others. Our approach includes change management, communications and end-user learning solutions. Together, we analyse the tactics and activities that can work effectively within the client’s culture. We focus on the people and organisational issues that go along with technology implementation.

We can steer each client engagement through critical challenges such as:

  • Stakeholder and leadership alignment. Visible, active sponsorship and informed, engaged stakeholders are critical elements of technology adoption projects.
  • Communications planning and execution. Whether through email, Web sites, meeting presentations or social media, communications can be essential to adoption.
  • Organisational readiness. Clients need to understand project-related changes and how they can affect their organisation.
  • End-user training. No project can be considered successful if the users cannot use and ultimately adopt the system and process changes.
  • Organisational strategies. New systems and processes can change end-user roles, competencies and metrics. Organisational impacts can even result in new internal groups, such as a Centre Of Excellence or shared services centre, or changes to reporting relationships.
  • Change management. A smooth transition can require participants to move up the “commitment curve” – from awareness to understanding and acceptance.

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