The workforce ecosystem

Alternative staffing options

Today’s workforce has become a dynamic ecosystem. Current organisations are mostly made up of classic employees, but in a short period of time we can expect rapid changes in the workforce composition. It means that the approach of organisations must change as freelancing and other contracts have become increasingly more popular over the last few years.

To drive real value through the new workforce ecosystem, organisations need to know how to engage with workers of all kinds. “The workforce ecosystem” by Deloitte is built to help you understand the needs of your organisation in the constantly changing workforce market.

Deloitte will help you:

Understand your current situation and needs
The success of each change is always built on the knowledge of the current situation and needs. You will be guided through the analysis of your existing workforce.

Define your expectations from a new workforce
Expectations and duties go hand to hand. We will help you define your workforce ecosystem expectations together with HR, Legal, Tax, Business, etc., duties.

Assess and develop a strategy for your workforce ecosystem.
From expectations to a sustainable approach. With our help you will develop a sustainable strategy reflecting all fields such as HR, Legal, Tax, Business, etc.

Develop an integration plan for your new employee groups.
Moving from intent to action requires a plan.
With our help, you will develop a strong gameplan to integrate your newly developed outcomes and knowledge.

New workforce facts

  • 47% of Czech companies (57 % globally) use, in addition to traditional employees, alternative workforce.
  • 37% of all respondents expected growth in the use of contractors by 2020.

But only ...

  • 20% of Czech companies established a set of policies and practices to manage the variety of worker types. (16% globally).

Organisations should extend their approach to workers across the entire workforce ecosystem. HR teams should work together with Legal, IT and other departments to give “individuals outside the employee category definition“ clear information and support to make them productive and aligned with the company’s strategy and culture. Is your organisation prepared for this approach?


Pavel Šimák

Pavel Šimák


Pavel is a Director in the Human Capital Advisory Services and Global Business Services (GBS) practice of Deloitte Czech Republic. His experience covers multiple areas of the GBS agenda, including fea... More