Business&Legal Café about the Act of the Year this time

We have organised a discussion on the state of business legislation in the Czech Republic and topics relating to nominations for the Act of the Year survey. Legal and business leaders as well as representatives of the Czech ministries took an active part in the survey.

“The need to restrict legislative activities should be loudly articulated now”, declared Robert Němec, Vice-Chairman of the Czech Bar Association, saying that in the Czech Republic, nobody appears to be addressing the issue that new legislation might not be needed at all in many situations and that more appropriate application of the existing regulations may do nicely.

Tomáš Babáček, Partner at Deloitte Legal, talked about the need to revoke laws. However, the core of the agenda was dedicated to the legal regulations nominated for the survey (for nominations, click here). Speakers discussed the character of regulation and the quality and speed with which it is transposed from the EU.

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