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You do not have to become aware of a penalty. Your rights – an administration authority is always obliged to instruct a participant of its/his/her rights and obligations and let it/him/her comment on the breach of the obligation. A lack of instruction can sometimes lead to an impossibility to impose the penalty.

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How emissions are circumvented. Motor vehicle companies must satisfy an emission testing that does not comply with a factual operation. To achieve this, they are using a test which is to substitute identical conditions for each car producer. From 2014, the emission standard Euro 6 determined by Regulation EC No. 715/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council is applied in the EU. The achievement of the required emission rates determined by this regulation was a big challenge for the motor vehicle companies.

E15 – supplement dealing with M&A a Private Equity Investment Strategy

There is a long legal way from the first acquisition kick-off. From an investor’s point of view, the acquisition process is a complex of a whole number of professional branches encountering one another at one point with a clear objective: to perfectly understand a purchased company and evaluate it adequately. One of the key arrangements of a purchase contract is the regulation of purchase price, emphasises Petr Suchý from Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal.

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Euro Weekly

Somersaults in construction and development. An amendment in the area of environmental impact assessment will have principal consequences for builders. This amendment of the Act on Environmental Impact Assessment became effective in 2015. It especially responds to a participation of the public in the proceedings following the process of the environmental impact assessment which has been discussed for a long time. The amendment also regulates the processes of projects subject to EIA as such.

Euro Weekly

Higher-liability managers. Even one year after the effectiveness of an Act on Business Corporations the heads of companies are not aware of whether they bear a higher liability for their decisions. New legal regulation makes the responsibility of companies’ bodies and their members more precise. It introduces new elements, including toughening of obligations and possible impacts for the members of the bodies, especially in situations where a bankruptcy is pending for a company or it will become bankrupt.  Obviously, this kind of situation can never be ruled out and companies’ bodies should not underestimate this new regulation.

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Hospodářské noviny

It is not possible to save more on medicines, supplementary insurance is an option. A health service needs other sources of finances, mainly from patients. It is advisable to not seek savings only in medicine costs but also in the costs of apparatuses. You will learn more in an editorial double page of Hospodářské noviny, part of which is also an interview with Filip Vrubel, the leader of a multidisciplinary pharma team of Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal. You can also view a record of the discussion attended by: Monika Horníková (GlaxoSmithKline), Josef Vymazal (Ministry of Health), Milan Kvapil (Motol University Hospital), Jakub Dvořáček (Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry) and Filip Vrubel (Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal). Here you can find the record of the discussion.

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