GDPR Detective Will Prepare You for the New Personal Data Processing Rules

Do you collect or otherwise process personal data of individuals who are in the European Union? And do you know that new rules came into force as of 25 May 2018? Deal with personal data processing using our online GDPR Detective application and identify potential inconsistencies at the earliest opportunity.

It certainly is not easy to understand the new legal rules brought bout by the EU Regulation known under the abbreviation “GDPR”. As such, parties processing personal data may face a number of complications, ambiguities and obstacles. Sometimes, navigating one’s way through these rules can be a “detective story”.

Therefore, Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal has created the GDPR Detective application, an online advisor, which is a helping hand for companies trying to understand the new legal regulation.

What Cases Can the Detective Investigate?

  • GDPR Detective is an online application, which reviews whether the protection of personal data is set up correctly. The application advises controllers and processors on whether their processing activities comply with the GDPR and helps them identify the vulnerabilities.
  • The application brings all identified set-up failures to your attention.
  • The application reviews all GDPR-regulated areas, such as the principles of personal data processing and security, compliance with the duty of disclosure, relationships with processors, and transfer of personal data to third countries.

Sophisticated Detecting Methods

  • The application has been developed so as to be used by simply anyone. As such, it is well organised and user-friendly.
  • The application can be customised to the specific needs of any industry the Client’s company engages in.
  • After answering a number of specific questions, the GDPR Detective will provide the users solely with information which is relevant for them and which reflects the personal data processing performed solely by the relevant user.

Our detective is ready. Are you? Find a solution for the personal data processing case with our GDPR Detective. You can obtain the application online at:

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