Pharma innovation


Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry in three studies

We at Deloitte Legal know that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative and dynamically developing markets. Deloitte´s analytical research centre in the United Kingdom intensively monitors world trends in the area of life sciences and healthcare. We have summarised the latest findings from the pharmaceutical industry in the three studies.

The objective of the study entitled A bold future for life sciences regulation – Predictions 2025 is to map and define the regulátory trends thanks to which regulation of the future can be efficient and support the growth of the pharmaceutical industry instead of hindering its development.

A bold future for life sciences regulation

The follow-up study Patient acccess to innovative medicines in Europe – A collaborative value based approach analyses a theme that is very topical in the Czech Republic at present, namely the entry of highly innovative medicinal products on the market, in the reimbursement systém and their availability for patients.

Patient acccess to innovative medicines in Europe

The las analysis, Unlocking R&D productivity – measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2018, provides an economic perspective on the continously decreasing return on investments related to the development of medicines and possible ways to face this situation.

Unlocking R&D productivity
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