Corporate Governance and Management Liability

Recently the pressure to comply with corporate governance policies has intensified not only in respect of the operation and competencies of company bodies, but also with regard to creditors, shareholders, auditors and a wide range of other matters. We are able to establish an efficient system of rules for corporate governance as well as reporting duties in accordance with the latest EU developments. We help our clients enhance transparency and foster the trust of clients, shareholders, the general public and the state through compliance with the highest standards and the fulfilment of all duties and obligations to the relevant authorities.

With regard to management liability issues, we place emphasis on complying with the effective legislation and minimising all potential risks both for individuals and for businesses.

How we can help you:

We will prepare for you the training of management and employees focused on the criminal liability of legal entities and on measures restricting the emergence of risks of criminal liability.

  • The training course is one of the measures anticipated by the law, which may be an effective defence in the case of the occurrence of criminal liability and initiation of criminal prosecution against a legal entity.
  • It includes an assessment of the impact of the law on the activities of your company and the responsibility of management and employees.
  • It focuses on instructing the participants so that their conduct does not give rise to criminal liability of your company.
  • At the end of the training a certificate is issued to your company and to participants.


Jaroslava Kračúnová

Jaroslava Kračúnová


Jaroslava Kračúnová is an attorney at Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague and also studied law and management at Universität Innsbruck. ... More

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