Intellectual Property Law and ICT Law


In intellectual property law we provide comprehensive legal services in setting up the protection of intellectual property rights as part of a company and also in relation to third persons, preparation and review of contractual documentation and upon the registration of these rights with relevant authorities. We provide legal assistance to our clients in the area of the enforcement of intellectual property rights, including their representation in various disputes concerning copyrights, trademark and domain rights and other intellectual property rights. Our services also include intellectual property rights due diligence and advisory in the area of the collective administration of rights.

Our professionals can also guide you through a number of the specific areas of ICT law, including electronic signatures and electronic archiving and legal issues related to data boxes, authorised conversions or financial aspects of payment technologies and financial advisory related to IT and e-Business.

How we can help you:

  • Identify the intellectual property rights of your company.
  • Protect the intellectual property created by employees or other persons through the identification of existing risks and proposal of suitable solutions.
  • Prepare licence and sub-licence contracts, including the registration of licences with the relevant authorities.
  • Prepare contracts on industrial property rights assignment, including the registration of these contracts with the relevant authorities.
  • Register national, community and international trade marks with the relevant authorities.
  • Submit objections against the registration of trademark with the relevant authority.
  • Negotiate with collective administrators of copyrights and rights related to payment of author’s fees.
  • Carry out a legal due diligence in intellectual property rights in your company, especially for the purpose of making its administration more effective or the purpose of evaluating your company correctly, eg, for merges and acquisitions.
  • Assist you in your e-business, including the set-up of optimal structure with ISP.


Martin Bohuslav

Martin Bohuslav

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Martin is a Partner at Deloitte Legal responsible for teams focusing on the area of Civil and Commercial law. He graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno and has been working at De... More