Accounting Services

From internal accounting guidelines to national GAAPs, we can help you to ensure your accounting records and operations are properly implemented, staffed, maintained and reviewed.

Accounting and Reporting

Based on your requirements we can maintain your accounting books, either in our office or at your company's premises. Our outputs include the preparation of management reports at the required intervals, preparation of statutory financial statements and financial statements under national accounting standards (GAAP) or other information used as input data for additional processes (eg VAT return, income tax return, or preparation of auditor information).

Review of Accounting Records

Based on your requirements we will carry out a review of your accounting records. The output of our review is a report describing the review procedure including all detected deficiencies.

Financial Management Consulting (FMC)

FMC includes the following:

  • Design, implementation and temporary operation of our client's finance department (when this department is being newly established); or
  • Assessment and optimisation of the existing financial department (when this department is not meeting your expectations).

These services include our assistance in the preparation of internal accounting standards, and setting up cost centres and the internal structure including its organisation.

Staff Outsourcing Programme

The services we offer include a temporary engagement of a professional or professionals from our company in the finance or accounting department of our client. These professionals will report directly to the client. This programme will help the client to overcome a temporary lack of essential staff (eg temporary replacement of a financial controller or a financial director, or lending of an accountant or a head accountant to provide support during the annual closing of books or in implementing new processes).

Additional Services

Based on your requirements we can provide you with additional outsourcing services, such as invoicing administration and subsequent receivables management, electronic banking, etc.


Zbyněk Brtinský

Zbyněk Brtinský


Zbyněk Brtinský is the Partner of Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions service line (BPS) and the BPS Leader for Central Europe. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). Zbyněk gained his pr... More