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ČSOB Assisted by Deloitte Is Deploying More Robots

Prague, 28 March 2019 – ČSOB has put additional software robots into operation, bringing the total number to fifty. Robots perform routine and recurring activities in transaction and control processes faster and more accurately, thereby freeing up staff, who have more time and energy to serve clients. ČSOB is being assisted by Deloitte in implementing robots on a group-wide level.

“The ČSOB Group continues in its journey towards digitisation with the objective of providing customers with better service and enhancing process efficiency. The role of our staff continues to be irreplaceable, for example in client service, the face-to-face contact will continue to be indispensable,” said Marcela Suchánková, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Information Officer.

“Our software robots (ie 53 robotic processes delivered in 25 robotic instances) currently perform the same volume of work as 38 human colleagues. In addition, they are able to carry out individual transactions many times faster and error-free. As their capacities have been freed up, the bank’s staff may now concentrate on improving client service and on other sophisticated activities,” says Tomáš Přibyla, mastermind of the intelligent automation initiative at ČSOB.

“Deloitte’s team is a proud partner that has accompanied ČSOB on its journey of using intelligent process automation since the very beginning. We are eager to be part of ČSOB’s team going forward, using our experience in the latest trends and in managing the change initiated by these trends,” adds Milan Kulhánek, Partner at Deloitte Consulting.

Robotic process automation is a gateway to a range of modern technologies that make it possible for humans to work jointly with robots to an ever-greater extent.

“ČSOB wants to keep its position of the leading innovator. We have already been testing robots and humans working simultaneously on a single process in the bank today. Robots and humans pass on work to each other in real time or robots prepare the steps to be taken by humans through natural language processing under which robots learn to understand any text or document,” adds Tomáš Přibyla

Since 2016, when a robot was first tested in the banking part of the Group, ČSOB has had its own competence centre for the robotic workforce operation and development. The centre currently administers over 50 BluePrism software robots for the Group’s banking, insurance, mortgage and other activities.