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Deloitte Strengthens its Strategic Consulting

Prague, 14 March 2018 – Deloitte has introduced a new corporate Strategy Consulting tTeam. The role of the team leader has been assumed by Josef Žádník in the position of Director. His strategy team will be primarily engaged in projects in the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors. However, they will also focus on other than the traditional sectors of the Czech industry.

“We follow the global trends and technologies that affect the Czech economy, advising firms on how to prepare for the upcoming changes and succeed in the new market environment. Our aim is to provide firms’ senior management with support in long-term strategic questions, such as what business model the firm should select, on what industries and customers it should focus to increase its revenue or profit, how to successfully launch a new product or penetrate the foreign market and what impacts the decisions will have on the firm itself,” adds Josef Žádník, the strategy team’s new director.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Josef Žádník worked in PwC and Roland Berger, focusing on strategic consulting with an emphasis on the energy and transport sectors. Josef has a degree in economics and energy management from the Czech Technical University in Prague, and gained extensive experience during his studies at Zhejiang University, China.

“Besides Josef Žádník, Deloitte’s strategy team is composed of five experienced professionals, who act as a seamless team. We are very pleased they have joined Deloitte’s ranks,” says Pavel Šiška, Partner-in-Charge of Deloitte’s Consulting, in which the new Strategy Team is included.

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