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Private Equity: Stability persists despite gentle drop in confidence

Prague, 7 November 2016 – Following a small surge in the spring, confidence in Central Europe (CE) has come down a bit. This is almost certainly on the back of economic expectations, which are less optimistic than in the spring following the EU Referendum in June. Just 7% expect the backdrop to improve, down from nearly a quarter (24%) in the spring, though less than a third expect the situation to worsen, similar to six months ago. Nearly two thirds expect no change, suggesting a stabilisation of the economies in the region. CE remains Europe’s strongest region for GDP growth, with 2.9% estimated for Q3 2016.

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Despite the gentle decline in economic expectations for CE, deal doers continue to perceive CE’s debt markets as very stable. More than four fifths (83%) expect no change in the availability of debt finance, up on last survey’s already healthy 70%.

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