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Deloitte Czech Republic has two new partners and strengthens its position regionally and globally

Prague, 1 June 2020 Starting from June, Deloitte Czech Republic has two new partners. They are Marek Kouřil from Consulting and Petr Neuschl from Tax and Legal. Deloitte Czech Republic strengthens its position on both the regional and global level. Jaroslav Škvrna becomes the CEO of Deloitte Central Europe, covering 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and Diana Rádl Rogerová, the Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic, is newly responsible for the strategic management of Deloitte in the majority of European countries as the CSO, being part of the strategic leadership of Deloitte Global.

Marek Kouřil has been with Deloitte since 1999. He is responsible for financial management services, providing advisory to CFOs and managers across various industries. He implemented and managed a number of client projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. Currently, Marek and his team focus on the digitalisation of corporate financial management. Marek graduated from the University of Economics, Prague.

Petr Neuschl manages Deloitte’s office in Hradec Králové and is also one of the leaders of the Indirect taxation team. He joined the company in 2005. His focus is on clients from the Manufacturing and Energy sectors. He graduated from the University of Economics, Prague and also studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

Jaroslav Škvrna is a Partner in the Tax & Legal function. He has worked at Deloitte for 25 years, during which he led the Tax & Legal departments in various Central European countries including the Czech Republic. Since 2018, he served as the COO; now he has taken on the role of the CEO of Deloitte Central Europe, which covers 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Diana Rádl Rogerová has been the Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic since 2016. She put new technologies and innovation to the focus of the company’s strategy. Besides leading the Czech branch, she has been newly appointed the Chief Strategic Officer for Central and Eastern Europe and most of the Western European countries including Germany and France. Within this role, she is also part of the Deloitte global team, which determines the company’s worldwide strategy.

”Especially in a difficult economic situation such as the world is going through right now, it becomes clear that it is the people who are the main strength of the company. In the Czech Republic, we have excellent colleagues among us. Both the appointment of our new partners and the fact that Jarek Škvrna newly leads the company in the whole Central and Eastern Europe proves it. Thanks to their new roles, Czech managers are given a strong voice in the decision-making of the global strategy of Deloitte“, said Diana Rádl Rogerová.

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