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Deloitte magazine, published twice a year in spring and in autumn, written by real estate investment management professionals for real estate investment management experts, featuring market trends, regulations and other hot RE topics as well as interviews with leading figures in the EMEA region.

October 2018

The eighth issue of REflexions features an interesting interview with Jörn Stobbe, a member of the Board of Directors of Union Investment, in which he says, among others, that digital technologies have a huge potential for setting up effective and efficient processes and new business models in the real estate industry. The extensive survey of 500 global investors will tell you which direction the commercial real estate market will take in the coming year. What is the situation on the Chinese real estate market? What changes may be expected in real estate investments in the UK following Brexit? Explore these topics and more in the autumn issue of our magazine.

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April 2018

This edition explores key findings from a recent CoreNet Global and Deloitte Consulting research project on evolving corporate real estate operating models in the public sector. Additionally, in an engaging interview with Dr. Sven Olaf Eggers, we learn what digitalization might mean to the real estate industry and why professionals should see this step as a new beginning.

The magazine goes on to look at M&A transactions in Europe, real estate development projects taking shape to house the rapidly-growing economy of Luxembourg, and gathers thoughts from a panel of real estate industry professionals interviewed for the Deloitte Portuguese Real Estate Investment Surveys.

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November 2017

The sixth issue of the magazine REflexions provides an overview of tax and business issues faced by the industry. In addition, it also covers markets outside the EMEA region (this issue focuses on Australia). Anthony Shayle (Head of Real Estate Debt EMEA, UBS Asset Management) comments on topics related to business trends and market regulations in the context of leverage. The current issue brings you further interesting articles – Brexit and Property Market, Infrastructure in Australia or How Europeans Live and How Much It Costs Them – articles that provide you with a number of facts and professional views.

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May 2017

The real estate market is about to enter an era characterized by new technologies, taxation regimes, and the recovery of economies. At the same time, we continue to face political uncertainty in Europe as an outcome of President Trump’s recent inauguration and the launch of article 50 commencing the Brexit negotiations. Inevitably, this will influence the real estate market; the years to come are potentially going to be the most exciting yet. 

We start off with a look across the Atlantic. The US market benefits from a modest economic growth, but also has to face regulative burdens and the threat of higher interest rates, which will likely negatively affect the volume of transaction activity and pricing. Whereas there is cautious optimism in the US, the Spanish market is still prospering in the shopping center segment, thanks to strong economic fundamentals such as consumption – another topic on which we will focus.

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October 2016

The fourth edition of Reflexions brings an interesting interview about investment strategies and opportunities in today's real estate market with Bryan K. Davis, CFO of Brookfield Property Group. In another article, the reader learns about the actual challenges on the UK property market after Brexit or new established real estate funds in Belgium.

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April 2016

In this edition of REflexions, we have focused on the European markets including interviews with two major players in the real estate market.

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October 2015

The second issue of the REflexions magazine which helps real estate professionals keep pace with the development and future trends in the real estate investment management in the EMEA region. 

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April 2015

The first issue of the REflexions magazine which helps real estate professionals keep pace with the development and future trends in the real estate investment management in the EMEA region. 

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