Real Estate Group

Deloitte has a special international team of more than 100 specialists addressing real estate issues across the Central European region.



We assist our clients in assessing comprehensive issues and find new approaches to problem solving, including implementation. Due to the wide range of our activities, we are able to set up a team of various experts in line with the client’s needs to provide services in different areas, such as implementation of new accounting policies and tax legislation, identification and management of risks arising from major development opportunities, generating values from leased real estate and review and advisory services focusing on financial opportunities and proposals.

Our clients include development companies, real estate funds, facility management companies, construction businesses, companies delivering hotel services and many other prominent real estate enterprises.

Our knowledge, experience and scope of activities is unique. Our team of experienced analysts has provided independent, reliable and trustworthy information for more than 10 years. We cooperate with all major international enterprises and a large number of domestic and independent operators.

An example of our experience in real estate and development is our HotelBenchmark™ research which is among the top on the market of global hotel operation monitoring, providing a unique summary of trends in this area. We monitor 420 markets in 140 countries on a regular basis and create the most extensive database of global hotel operation which will provide you with the necessary information for your business activities.  

The ability to create global teams specialising in various industries is another key factor which sets Deloitte apart from the competition. Deloitte is among development leaders, providing advisory services with respect to the real estate division, shared services and ownership title of clients to trademarks. 



Our services

Our real estate group, which is part of a fully-integrated company operating in Central Europe, utilises the expertise of both local professionals and specialists across the entire region, which results in a substantial competitive advantage.

A wide range of resources allows Deloitte to deliver quality, creativity and an independent judgment and provide clients with the information that is crucial for adjusting their working methods and achieving their goals.