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Deloitte WorkPlace Advisory

How to optimise office space functionally and cost-effectively?

Demands for flexibility and efficiency of the working environment have been increasing over the long term and are the main trend in the office space market. It is not decisive whether raised by a production company, a restaurant or a company that is based in modern office space. Every employee is entitled to a quality background, regardless of profession. But how to proceed with optimisation in the current situation? How to respond to new labour market challenges? And how to transform all this into a strategic opportunity and a competitive advantage?

First and foremost, there is a need to get answers to a wide range of questions. Does your office meet current job requirements? Does its arrangement reflect the needs of your employees? Is your office space flexible enough? And are you really making the most of all the space at your disposal, or can you save money?

Advice for offices of the future

As part of our WorkPlace Advisory service, we will advise you on how to proceed to the optimisation. We will ensure for you communication and planning with the developer, tenant and all others in order for you to prepare for all possible and impossible situations, including functional and cost optimisation. And to put your plans in the context of the current situation.

What exactly are we going to focus on with you?
  • We will analyse your current premises to optimise costs, functionality and efficiency.
  • We will create a financial analysis of the various scenarios of the strategy, including legal and tax implications.
  • We will recommend a real estate strategy and we will help you negotiate new rental terms.
  • We will review all your legal obligations and tell you what options you have when changing their terms (termination of rent, sublet, reduction of premises, discount from rental, etc.).
  • We will prepare a summary of the most important information from a lease agreement, including comments that you will use for your future decisions.

Together with our clients, we always define where and how their employees will work best. And we help them choose the appropriate spaces, technologies and equipment needed to make the working environment function efficiently and motivate employees to work. It is a complex process involving a wide range of experts, from developers, architects and designers to lawyers, tax and real estate experts. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has also affected the real estate sector and any other plans of companies to expand, install new office space or modify them. The economy will undoubtedly suffer, savings will affect all areas, but the original plans may not come down in the end. They can be revised and set up to respect existing trends while being able to prepare for those that are yet to come. The work environment may experience worse times for a while, but ultimately the competitive advantage will be decided by how quickly and efficiently companies will be able to prepare for what comes in the upcoming months.

– Miroslav Linhart, Deloitte Real Estate Advisory

(Re)moving: a strategic opportunity in 3 steps

Do you need to create better spaces for employees and ensure that the new environment is successfully relocated and that the employees accept the new experience? Do you see the quality of the working environment as an important tool for attracting new employees and retaining existing ones? Do you know what steps will be needed to select new premises or to reshape existing ones according to current trends? Do you have any idea what awaits you and what you can imagine under Deloitte WorkPlace advisory? The whole concept is based on three key steps:

  1. Phase 1: Strategy creation
    At this stage, a so-called white paper is made, i.e. a basic document that determines the future shape of the office and the mastery of the whole relocation process. It examines the necessity and benefits of the planned change, whether it is due to the end of the lease, growth or the need to incorporate new trends. The goal is to find out what the company wants to achieve and plan the financial aspect.
  2. Phase 2: Tenant advisory
    In the event of a move, a number of documents need to be dealt with, e.g. settle the original contracts, conclude new ones, carry out tax analyses, negotiate with the original and new tenant. All this is preceded by market research on available premises and financial analysis. It is a demanding process, especially financially, so optimisation and planning is important.
  3. Fáze 3: Relocation Management
    Preparation for the actual (re)moving and its implementation. The first step is an analysis of legal and tax implications, communication with suppliers and subcontractors. The smooth running is influenced by a sufficient preparatory phase, including possible crisis scenarios and their solutions. And, of course, effective communication with employees, which is crucial from the very beginning.

Look under the hood of Deloitte WorkPlace Advisory

Working environment of the future

No matter where your employee works, a quality working environment will be appreciated by everyone. And we will help you create it.

See how we dealt with this at our company's headquarters in Churchill Building in Prague.

In case of your interest or any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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