The right work environment to make an impact

Impact report 2018

Only with the best work environment can our people make a positive impact on business and society. Giving space to personal needs and dreams is key to maintaining a high level of satisfaction and delivering high business results.

We aim to create an environment that actually fosters the well-being of our staff and supports their physical and mental health. We believe that only a holistic approach to well-being can give our people proper support and flexibility to help them deliver an impact that matters on a sustainable basis. At Deloitte, our people are our greatest asset and we want them to be successful in their professional and personal lives. That is why we support our people at every milestone of their life journey. Well-being is not a trend, it is a business imperative and that is why we invest in it.


Stories of Our Impact:

  • Providing professional services to the ones in need
  • I have left twice and twice Deloitte has opened its doors to me again
  • Prague Cup: A truly cross-border celebration of team spirit and fair play
  • Deloitte GREEN: Making a positive impact on our environment
Deloitte Czech Republic Impact report 2018