Agile Maturity Team Assessment

Doing agile is just not enough to reach the outcomes a company expects from an agile transformation. The main change should be in how teams work, think about the outcomes, and improve their processes. Our approach is to get to know each team and collaborate with the team members to reach the common goal which is tailor-made for a specific company’s environment. We proposed to cover five basic themes (Culture, People, Foundation, Leadership, Processes) which lead us to not miss any important part of the agile working.


Reasons for Agile Team Assessment:

1. Inspect and Adapt

The best way how to prove that the right processes have been implemented and the culture change has been successful is to execute the Agile Assessment and provide a report for your improvements.

2. Make a change

If the company is stuck and there is no way how to identify and move the obstacles, Team assessment might be the key tool to address the issues and help teams and management make a change.

3. Understand Agile Maturity

Team Assessment specifies the agile maturity levels and helps you to learn which level you aim to reach and what steps to take to accelerate the growth.



The questionnaire is distributed to all team members and stakeholders who have regular contact with the team. The goal of this phase is to find out the overall team setup, happiness, or impediments that delay the team in growth.


External advisor visits team's sessions to evaluate whether the processes are set up correctly and team members are used to cooperating and striving to achieve a common goal.


There are three interviews with each key role (Product Owner, Scrum Master, senior member of the team). The external advisor leads the discussion based on the outcomes from questionnaires and insights from ceremonies.


The last phase of the assessment is the actual presentation of the outcomes and recommendations. The assessment is a learning tool that should help the team to improve its performance and collaboration and reach the desired outcomes.

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