Agile Transformation

Adopting agile methodology at the enterprise level requires a fundamental shift to successfully evolve a traditional organisation to one with cross-functional teams that work autonomously together, aligned by common strategic objectives.

We help our clients with operating model set-up and alignment, organization design, training and DevOps integration.

Our Services

  • SAFe Transformation

As organisations adopt Agile beyond IT and for complex initiatives, team-level Agile starts to lose its sufficiency with time. SAFe Transformation brings the necessary framework and guidelines to assure agility on program and portfolio core levels within the enterprise. The goal is to produce the best possible outcomes for your customers. SAFe is already an established framework at many organisations across a variety of industries, including financial services, automotive, technology, pharmaceutical and many others.

We offer our clients various training and coaching on the SAFe topic; we also help develop frameworks and transform the environment while considering the organisation’s specifics. 

  • Enterprise Agile Transformation (strategy & design) 

Agile is a way of working that emphasises iterative planning and delivery, which enables organisations to manage uncertainty and better respond to a change while meeting business objectives and delivering timely and frequent value to customers. The Enterprise Agile Transformation approach is more scalable due to its design, which focuses on a series of incremental changes made over time, resulting in long-lasting effects. 

We help our clients develop and implement a framework that focuses on following key areas: strategy, governance, people, processes, technology and operations.

  • Agile IT Operating Model Design

To capture digital disruption and technology development, which is affecting enterprise strategy, the IT Operating Model must evolve. While developing the IT Operating Model, the organisation needs to make choices in such areas as customer profiles and touchpoints, investment portfolio and performance metrics, processes and their automation, culture and behaviour, infrastructure and algorithms and many more. 

At Deloitte, we use the Deloitte Technology Capability Framework, which comprises the best practice of how digitally-enabled technology organisations ought to function. 

  • Lean Startup-Based Innovation 

The Lean Flow Ecosystem is an end-to-end innovation, which delivers value with the focus on unlocking the enterprise’s agility potential, by organising and focusing the entire organisation around the customer, product demand, market needs, and by exploiting fast feedback loops. 

We help our clients with the definition of their Lean Flow vision and development of an implementation strategy with a roadmap. Afterwards, we define the future state and refine it before its implementation across the organisation. We focus on vertical scaling, horizontal transformation, and the introduction of behavioural changes to achieve a Lean Agile organisation that embraces enterprise agility. 

Our Enterprise Agility Framework consists of four phases focused on developing enterprise agility through the implementation of the Lean Flow Ecosystem.

Agile Project Management

Deloitte’s Enterprise Agility Framework


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Jakub Höll

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