Agile Transformation

The main goal of Agile transformation is to become more flexible, but like all other changes, it never works in a way that one size fits all. In order to gain flexibility in improving products or services, you have to understand your customers first. The same goes for Agile transformation. Every company is unique and should be treated that way and this is exactly what we offer at Deloitte. With our tailor-made transformation approach, we always make sure that transformation fits your needs perfectly!

Step-by-step approach

Many Agile transformations fail because of inaccurate expectations. This is why we start a dialogue by aligning on what our clients need to improve. Assessing the as-is state & desired state in terms of Agile maturity is the key to make sure our next steps are correct. It is also important to consider specifics like organization structure, roles & responsibilities, and other specific aspects of our client.


Big bang transformation is always risky and might not end up successfully. This is exactly why we decided to choose the step-by-step approach, starting with smaller parts of the organization, always making sure we’re moving our clients in the right direction.


Additional services

Our certified specialists are able to provide specific skills (not the whole Agile transformation package) and necessary experience across multiple industries (banking, automotive, insurance, public sector, technology). You might also select one of the following services:

Agile Maturity Team Assessment

Would you like to know how your teams are doing in terms of Agile maturity? Thanks to our Deloitte Team Assessments, we evaluate your working environment in terms of roles, processes, and culture.

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Training – Agile/Scrum

During this training, you will learn how to set the right mindset so you can adapt to Agile way of working. You will also get familiar with Scrum – which is one of the most popular Agile methodologies.

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We will help you to develop the skill-set of your internal Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or the entire teams. The main goal is to improve their efficiency & effectiveness.

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Benefits of being Agile


Never-ending projects with deadlines that can never be met. Overrunning budget, all-day status meetings, repeating the same old pattern all over again. Competitors being innovative, gaining competitive advantage. Does this sound familiar? Becoming flexible is the key factor of an agile transformation. That is the outcome your customers will notice. It should never be just about implementing the framework itself. Of course, it is also an essential part of it, and we are going to help you to change the way you work. However, our main mission is to focus on the results - not just blindly follow a framework implementation.

Competitive advantage

Due to continual globalization and the importance of the online world, it's never enough to provide average services or products. People expect more than that. Customers demand excellence in basically all areas and companies are trying hard to fulfill their needs. However, in order to maximize customer experience and satisfy their needs, the ability to promptly react to change is essential. This is a vital component to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Increased customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers matter more than ever. By nature, our needs & preferences change rapidly over time. In order to satisfy them, it is crucial to respond. We can help you to set up the right dialogue with your customers to ensure that you're delivering what is best for them. Imagine how amazing your products or services could be if you built them based on actual customers’ preferences. Does it sound like a dream? It doesn't have to.

Higher business value

Does comprehensive documentation ensure that we work on the most valuable feature? Of course not. Great products are not built by sending information from silo to silo but are based on highly effective teams. Listening to your customers in order to understand their needs & pain points is critical. Engaged & satisfied customers lead to great feedback, which enables you to attract even more customers and generate higher revenue... to reach your ultimate goal.

Risk reduction

We help organizations transform the ways they leverage technology, third-party relationships and business processes to manage operational risks, and elevate business performance. By managing risk more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all their stakeholders. That's why companies invest a significant amount of time & resources into comprehensive upfront analysis attempting to minimize the risk associated with complex projects. However, what if you were able to break down these tremendously huge releases into smaller parts, ensuring that you still deliver what's most valuable for your clients. By decreasing the batch size, you minimize the risk.

Agile Transformation made easy

Agile Transformation is often understood just about a framework implementation. It should never be treated this way. It is more about changing the way people think and the way they work. But not only thinking differently may lead you to achieve your targets. Sometimes, it is needed to change tools, invest in technology, consider testing automation, and so on. We can easily guide you through the Agile transformation - you will get all the people, guidance & tools to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Agile Transformation Leaflet

Transformation areas

Agile transformation is a complex, multidimensional activity. The focus needs to be balanced between 3 areas. Changing the way people in the company work & cooperate (Mindset & Rituals), fostering end-to-end capability of the teams (Skills & Expertise), and  ensuring that the tools help to improve efficiency across the whole organization.

End to end

Thanks to Deloitte’s partnership with IXPERTA (Atlassian Platinum Solution partner), you can have almost any customization done within the tools you need. The team of our experts will make sure that your specific requirements and uniqueness of your working environment will be supported by the tailor-made configuration, built-in add-ons for Jira, Jira Align, and much more.


Our team

Our Agile experts  are ready to guide you through the Agile Transformation or provide you with other services.

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