Information & Controls Assurance

In an environment of escalating IT security threats, data quality issues, corporate governance concerns, and privacy legislation, organizations need to ensure, more than ever, the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information and the underlying systems. Work processes rely on information systems that must be properly deployed, monitored, and controlled.

Leveraging our global network and in-depth industry knowledge, Deloitte can help you mitigate the risks associated with your internal systems, business processes, projects, applications, and data.

Controls Transformation

Internal controls not only help prevent bad things from happening, they can also drive performance. Right-sizing your controls helps keep costs down, grow revenue, secure assets, and achieve legal and regulatory compliance. Conversely, the wrong level of controls costs money, wastes resources, leaves organizations exposed, increases compliance costs, and distracts management from running the business.

Proper controls can spur innovation and growth. When management knows the right controls are in place, they can confidently rely on those controls to manage the risks that they take. In challenging times, even the most mature organizations need to consider whether their controls are relevant, efficient, and adaptable to their needs.

To improve your processes and controls, Deloitte professionals can assess and test your control environment to help you mitigate business, technology, and financial statement risks. By increasing the efficiency of your financial statement and internal control functions, we work with you to improve business performance.

Integrated External Audit

Organizations today face significant penalties in the event of a material misstatement of their financial statements. To help strengthen financial statement reporting and comply with legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (or similar global requirements), you need access to world-class audit procedures.

In auditing an organization’s financial statements, Deloitte adheres to accepted standards of independence, professional objectivity, and technical excellence. To meet the unique needs of each organization, we adapt our global audit approach to your specific circumstances to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, your risk exposures, and your internal controls. We also integrate the audit of internal controls over financial reporting with the audit of financial statements to help you identify and close any process gaps.

External IT Audit

Even though IT environments are becoming more and more complex and critical for day-to-day business operations, an organization’s management may still not be aware of the exact risks their IT environments face. Operational limitation due to IT system unavailability, system vulnerability as a consequence of an inadequate level of information security, reputational risk due to data leakage or loss, and full dependence or reliance on services provided by application system vendors are just a few examples of certain IT risks that might be overlooked during daily routines or due to a lack of an adequate independent assessment.

Our broad experience in the field of external audits enables our IT audit professionals to provide external assessment services tailored to your specific needs and reflecting industry standards. We can realize the audit procedures according to the internal Deloitte methodology or other frameworks/standards, such as COBIT, ISO/IEC 27000, or ISO/IEC 20000.

We are able to provide comprehensive IT audits of your IT environment independently or in cooperation with your internal audit function. The outcome of our procedures might be management letter points (gap list with relevant recommendations and associated risks) that include a description of the IT environment, evaluation of the internal processes, assessment of the internal controls’ design, conclusion on the controls testing, and recommendations for addressing any risks that are not being managed well.

IT Due Diligence Services

When you have your own industry experts and corporate finance people to address the transaction part of your acquisitions, we will provide you with the external audit skills needed to perform IT due diligence activities.

We can deliver a dedicated, experienced IT due diligence team ready to serve you at any moment. The entire support team, tailored to your needs, will be coordinated by one partner or manager, who will be your single point of contact. Together we will determine the scope of our services.

Depending on your needs, we can enlarge the IT due diligence support team to include experts in diverse areas to meet your requirements. Our scope of work can be tailored to best suit your key focus areas and we offer a wide range of due diligence disciplines, including financial, tax, legal, pensions and HR, IT and commercial.