IT Governance

Efficient IT management must be based on regulation and control principles set up by a company’s owners and senior management. Without these mechanisms, management cannot direct investments in technologies and verify efficiency while supporting key business processes.

The need to review the setup of these principles and mechanisms has been strongly supported by the need to reduce operating costs and direct investments to support long-term plans and accelerate changes in business processes.

Benefit to the Client:

We help our clients set up and introduce principles and mechanisms for managing investments in IT development to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduction of capital expenditures through better controlling and directing IT development;
  • Reduction of operating costs through a practical set up of quality IT services;
  • Greater influence by management in making IT investment decisions;
  • Convergence of IT and business process development;
  • Higher added value of IT projects for business processes;
  • Transparent and cost-effective services; and
  • Plan of an appropriate scope and quality of services.

Value Proposition:

Our team of qualified professionals who have gained experience in projects delivered in the Czech Republic and abroad is a guarantee that company management and IT units will be provided with a credible and technologically independent partner. We implement our projects with the intention to:

  • Provide best practices and new trends in IT Governance;
  • Provide our practical experience from introducing concepts into business processes;
  • Communicate the value added of IT to company owners and management;
  • Set up an environment that increases the added value of IT for business processes;
  • Implement principles of long-term IT control and regulation; and
  • Reduce IT costs through efficiently managing IT development.

To achieve the goals, we combine the following services in our projects:

  • Demand management for information technologies;
  • Transformation of IT management systems;
  • Cost reduction of information technologies; and
  • IT project and risk management.