Project Management Office

Projects are unique undertakings where very often you're breaking new ground, implementing new technologies and fundamentally changing the way you do business. More often than not you are trying to do all three at once.

To manage these challenges, the right approach is to implement a pragmatic project control framework, supported by an effective Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is critical to maintain adherence to the established framework and to provide centralized governance and control.

PMO design and implementation

Reviewing the effectiveness of your existing PMO and the corresponding control framework and providing you with pragmatic recommendations to implement. Working with you either during the initiation of a project to design and implement a PMO control framework, or throughout the full project lifecycle to provide ongoing support so that the PMO can work to its full potential.

Work together on project management

Assessing your Project Management capability - We can work with you from the outset, assessing your current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to identify any problems at an early stage, which could lead to later project failure. We can then provide you with pragmatic recommendations to implement.

Setting you up for success - We can work with you to set up the PMO with the right monitoring and control processes from the start. We will help you define project goals, objectives and determine the right delivery and governance models to put you on track for success.

Successful delivery and risk mitigation

Supporting your successful delivery - We can provide you with specialists to either manage your PMO or work alongside your team to support you with key disciplines; from planning and budgeting, to change control and stakeholder management. We can advise on risk management, from designing an effective risk and issues log to implementing and risk management processes and risk committee.

Leveraging success-learning from failures - Reviewing previous projects and programmes can lead to insights on strengths and weaknesses in your organization, which can impact on the success or failure of future projects.