Sustainability Consulting

Response to the challenges of the modern world

Sustainability is a comprehensive approach to the management of organisations which is focused on creating and maximising long-term economic, social and environmental value. It is a response to the challenges of the modern world facing organisations from the public and private sectors.

Our purpose is to help clients address the sustainability mandate, including analyses, definition of strategic directions and non-financial reporting. Our professionals collaborate across the businesses and areas of expertise - risk management services, audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory - to help clients transition to sustainable business models and practices that will deliver top and bottom line growth for the long-term.

Our approach

Deloitte’s approach is built on a foundation of deep analytical methods and proprietary tools, and focuses on driving innovation and new business models across the nine key service areas highlighted below. These service areas are each supported by:

  • deep understanding of industries and sectors;
  • Detailed technical knowledge;
  • A broad complement of time-tested methods and capabilities; and
  • Investment and contributions to multiple standard-setting and reporting initiatives working to advance transparency.

We have also developed a proprietary methodology that allows us to measure and show the impacts of firms on the surrounding environment and we work closely with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Also, our services for non-financial reporting include performance metrics, materiality matrix, environmental data, according to the GRI Index and the United Nations Global Compact SDGs.   

We provide the following services to our Clients:

  • Non-financial and integrated reporting;
  • Preparation and implementation of sustainability strategies;
  • Measurement, management & reporting the organisation’s impact on the economic, social and environmental setting;
  • Energy efficiency strategies;
  • Dialogue and engagement of stakeholders;
  • Responsible sale;
  • Ethics management;
  • Regulatory impact assessment; and
  • Diversity management.

Deloitte member firms set trends in reporting non-financial data in 17 Central European countries. We have been helping clients address the sustainability mandate with nearly 50 consulting projects in the field of non-financial reporting and integrated reporting while 90% of the work we had carried out included the involvement of CEOs and top executives.

Deloitte Advisory, s.r.o., is a member of United Nations Global Compact in the Czech Republic, coordinating corporate social responsibility activities in 85 countries all over the world.


Lenka Neuvirtová

Lenka Neuvirtová


Lenka Neuvirtová is a Director in the Audit Department at Deloitte Czech Republic. She runs the Audit Advisory Team, and at the same time, she is a leader of advisory services for sustainable developm... More

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