Financial Crime

Prevention and early detection of risks associated with fraud is an integral part of our Risk Advisory practice. For this reason, our experts on financial crime are always ready to assist you. We understand that meeting regulatory expectations can be challenging and demanding, which is why we prepared the following portfolio of services for our clients, covering various areas from AML to KYC and CFT.

Prevention of Fraud, Money Laundering, and Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT)

We will help you lower the risks connected to fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing, improving your ability to meet regulatory requirements. We focus on areas such as fraud prevention (credit fraud, payment fraud, fraud involving falsified documents etc.), Know Your Customer policy, Customer Due Diligence and transaction monitoring. Our services include:

  • Mapping the existing documents and processes, identifying space for improvement;
  • Implementation of online onboarding;
  • Designing procedures for the prevention and identification of suspicious transactions;
  • Automation of manual activities, reducing the number of false alerts;
  • Effective monitoring of large amounts of open-source data (OSINT), alert generation;
  • Review of the main risk factors used in a Risk-Based Approach
  • Implementation of cross-checks and logical checks of KYC data to identify potential data deficiencies; assistance with remediation.

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Martin Kubačka

Martin Kubačka


Martin is a Partner in the Risk Advisory department of Deloitte in the Czech Republic. He leads the Operational Risk offerings, including data privacy, regulatory compliance, GRC, extended enterprise ... More