Intelligent Resource Monitoring

Digitization has become essential for business progression, and it represents a critical enabler of process optimization. At Deloitte, we use process and task mining approaches to fulfill the optimization potential of our clients.

Intelligent Resource Monitoring unlocks potential in four main business areas:


What is Intelligent Resource Monitoring?

Intelligent Resource Monitoring is the most comprehensive strategy for making digital business processes transparent so that users in operational and leadership roles can make data-driven decisions.It is a unique capability which builds up on two main components – process mining and task mining -  to create a complete and reliable end-to-end view of the process flow across different teams, systems, and applications.

Implementing our solution across industries (e.g. banking, energy, manufacturing, & telecommunications) and geographies, we have provided actionable insights into Finance and Operations departments, among others, as seen in the following use cases:

Intelligent Resource Monitoring use-cases

Use Case | Elimination of obsolete financial reports

Aim: For an international energy company and its finance department we have assessed elimination and simplification of unused financial reports. The current IT solutions did not provide sufficient objective information as to whether employees read and use reports.


Use Case | Process automation

Aim: For an international service delivery company, we focused on the back-office support department with accounting team size of 70 FTEs working across 18 European countries. Following several initiatives that have been launched over the past four years, automation solutions were well established in the current service delivery with significant efficiency gains.


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Jan Hejtmánek

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