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Deloitte NEXT

We are the drivers of growth. We build winners.

Business concepts

Create a new income source for you

We will work with you to discover a new market opportunity, design a new product, service, company or any improvement based on it and then create a prototype and validate it with the target audience.

  • You need to boost your portfolio
  • You want to develop your idea
  • You want to be a market leader.
Case studies:
  • Kooperativa: Developing a new service category from the ground up
  • Jablotron: Combining the worlds of security and insurance to develop a new product
  • ČPP: Visioning the most user-centered website
  • VISA: Creating new customer propositions in the financial services area

Business growth

Discover market potential and start efficient growth

Together, we will find the best solution to accelerate your business, whether it is product scaling, changing the business and operating model, optimising business development or anything else.

  • You need to make a change
  • You need to make a decision
  • You need to improve
Case studies:
  • ComAp: Scouting new white spaces for augmented reality application
  • Allianz: Increasing the attractiveness of travel insurance offerings
  • Zurich: Defining agenda for a new business function

Business strategy

Set a long-term success plan

Together, we will set a practical plan to fulfil the ambitions of your company or team, whether your goal is to increase your current market share or just to set a collective and clear vision for your employees.

  • You want to be different from your competitors
  • You need to align in terms of strategy
  • You need a precise plan
Case studies:
  • Onlio: Identifying new growth opportunities and framing go-to-market strategy
  • KKCG: Forming a new sustainability strategy in a fast-changing industry
  • Deloitte: Leading a full-scale corporate strategy refresh across 18 geographies

Skills of the future

Improve your team’s efficiency

We will provide you with complete business design know-how such as Design Thinking, Playing to Win, Lean Startup, How to Collaborate Effectively Online etc. so that you can use it immediately.

  • You need new skills
  • You need new procedures
  • You want to keep up with trends
Case studies:
  • Dell: Running an innovation accelerator to develop and grow new business ideas
  • Česká spořitelna: Launching a bootcamp for data scientists
  • Globus: Designing a more immersive model for remote work

Our approach

Working super fast

Done is better than perfect (unless you are a pilot or surgeon!).We work fast and iterate often, from post–it notes to market pilot in as little as 60 days.

Creating actionable outputs

Your customers do not buy PowerPoint decks; neither should you!We use prototypes and pilots to bring ideas to life and test them with customers in the real world.

Working together*

We take collaboration to the next level. We work, eat, and drink together.This way, the propositions we build gain the momentum they need to launch and scale. *No, really!

Let us test, measure, and improve

We test and validate innovations with clients as early as possible.We embed the generated ideas into your organization and make sure a cycle of continuous improvement is jumpstarted.

Let us discover and create opportunity!

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Our unique value

  1. Deloitte international network
    We are able to connect you to any market player as well as obtain relevant information or know-how for you.
  2. Deloitte global data
    We are familiar with global trends and best practice from all market industries.
  3. Deloitte experts
    We have the greatest local experts for any market segment.
  4. The philosophy of our approach
    We respect you as experienced professionals in your business. Our role is to guide you through a tried and tested process and deliver everything you need so that together we can find the best solution that suits you and helps your business grow on the market.
  5. Unique practices
    We use a combination of validated modern practices and methodologies, both global and developed internally at Deloitte.

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Pavel Šiška

Pavel Šiška

Vedoucí partner

Pavel je vedoucím partnerem oddělení poradenských služeb společnosti Deloitte Česká republika od roku 2013. Pavel se dlouhodobě věnuje propojování businessu a IT, analytice a inovacím. Z hlediska odvě... More

Jiří Vávra

Jiří Vávra

Head of Deloitte NEXT

Jirka má na starosti vedení týmu Deloitte Next, který pomáhá týmům, podnikům a korporacím vybudovat vlastní byznys, vytvořit prototypy nových produktů a služeb, objevit nové tržní příležitosti a ověři... More

Denisa Mahútová

Denisa Mahútová

Senior konzultantka​ Deloitte NEXT​

     ... More