2013 global mobile survey


2013 Global Mobile Survey

Divergence deepens

Key global trends in mobile connectivity

Mobile’s reach is greater than ever, and its continuing adoption is driving not just consumer behaviors but also business strategy. More and more companies are declaring that they are going mobile first. Yet what is mobile? It is an industry that has phenomenal momentum and scale, but it also one that is increasingly diverse. There are multiple standards, with 4G coexisting with 3G and 2G. Smartphones now ship over a billion a year, but the smartphone category describes a broad range of capability, price and capability. Short messaging service (SMS) used to be the only way of exchanging text between devices, today there are a rising range of options for doing so.

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The State of the Global Mobile Consumer report analyses four of the key sub-trends we see happening in the mobile industry:  

Multiple multipliers: drivers of data traffic

Device proliferation: consumers are using more portable devices than ever, with a growing number of these being mobile Internet connected. With continued growth in both the number of users and the number of connected devices per user, traffic volumes are very likely to continue to grow rapidly.


Baby boomers become smartphone surfers 

The rise of the new generation of smartphone users: the baby boomer which may not exploit the smartphone’s full breath of capabilities. As the base of smartphones continues to expand into the older age groups, patterns of device usage are likely to stratify.


Messaging: reasons to be cheerful 

The evolution of mobile messaging: whereas ten years ago, two services represented essentially 100 percent of communication usage, today consumers make regular use of literally dozens of services, apps and content providers. The change is a milestone on the road toward a new carrier business model, focusing on networks and data.

We hope you find these insights from the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey useful and we welcome further conversations based on the full data sets.

Posílání vzkazů: důvod k radosti  

Vývoj posílání vzkazů prostřednictvím mobilních zařízení: zatímco před deseti lety zvládly dvě služby stoprocentně pokrýt veškeré potřeby souvisejících s mobilní komunikací, dnešní spotřebitelé pravidelně používají doslova tucet různých služeb, aplikací a poskytovatelů obsahu.   Tato změna představuje významný mezník na cestě k novému „přenosovému“ podnikovému modelu zaměřeného na sítě a data.

Doufáme, že pro Vás budou tyto informace vyplývající z průzkumu společnosti Deloitte zaměřeného na spotřebitele mobilního průmyslu užitečné a budeme rádi, když si prostudujete kompletní soubory dat uvedené v průzkumu  a otevřete některá témata k diskusi.  


Data cited in this report are based on a 20-country online survey of mobile phone users around the world. All research has been undertaken via online research. Fieldwork took place between May to July 2013. 38,650 responses have been included in the study.

2013 Global Mobile Survey
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