Technology Fast 500 EMEA: Announcement Ceremony

Every year, the Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking publishes the 500 fastest-developing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This year’s ceremony announcing the Top 10 businesses took place in Paris on 7 December 2017 and was attended by the representatives of two Czech companies keenly awaiting the results.

Report from Paris

Attendees of the announcement were faced with a beautiful scene: a stage in the foreground with the illuminated Eiffel Tower in the background. This location was not selected by coincidence. Gustav Eiffel, the author of the Paris prominent landmark, was an innovator promoting technology innovation as the companies included in Deloitte’s rankings. After having been welcomed on the boat where the event took place, all attendees went on a sightseeing cruise on Seine to admire the Christmas atmosphere in Paris. In less than an hour, the boat once again anchored in the harbour and the announcement ceremony began.

The opening word was given by Ariane Bucaille, Partner for TMT at Deloitte France, assessing the previous edition of the ranking which was among the most successful ones for companies from the EMEA region. “The Top 10 companies even exceeded the average growth rate of technology businesses in the USA, recording a year-on-year growth of 410% on the average,” said Ariane Bucaille.

Excitement culminates: Which places will be taken by the Czech businesses?

The announcement of the Top 10 commenced. The Swedish company Fingerprint Cards was invited to the stage first, taking tenth place. The ceremony subsequently picked up speed with the first Czech success being announced. The Czech producer of 3D printers, Prusa Research, placed ninth. The company also took third place in Technology Fast 50 Central Europe.

Aside from producing 3D printers, you are also successful in shaping and transforming the entire 3D community. What it your recipe for success?

“We have never had any investors; our business is funded solely from our own resources. We have worked out way up from scratch. Our success lies in that our products are manufactured and supplied to our customers by ourselves. If our customers like our product, they will recommend us further. I believe that this is often neglected by a lot of companies and, simultaneously, the key to our fast growth.”
Josef Průša, CEO at Prusa Research.

Another success for the CE region

Eighth place in the ranking was taken by another CE company, the Lithuanian enterprise Deeper. “We thought at the beginning that an innovative idea must be the key to success,“ said Rolandas Sereika who accepted the award. “Nevertheless, after several months we discovered that the reality is different. You need an excellent team to be successful. We were lucky to have such a team, which enabled our company to grow fast in the past four years. You cannot think that having a brilliant team is simply enough. As such, innovations – in production, sales and marketing – are no less important….” Mr Sereika was unable to complete his idea as he was interrupted in the middle of a sentence with a gong counting the time for each speaker’s acknowledgment speech without compromise.

Seventh place belonged once again to the Czech Republic. The award was taken by Gilles Karlé from, the winner of Technology Fast 50 Central Europe.

You are disrupting the segment of travelling and tourism. What is your secret recipe?

“I do not think that we are disrupting travelling and tourism; instead, I believe that we try to make travelling easier. We believe that is the ideal way of using technology for finding the best and cheapest flight. Our technology builds on big data, integrating more than 500 different data sources. This result in a unique content to find the cheapest trip and, on top of that, the easiest transportation option.”
Gilles Karlé, Executive Consultant – Strategic Management,

First place for a UK company

The announcement of the sixth and fifth places was followed by a short dinner break. After that, five most successful companies were awarded. The fastest-growing technology company in the EMEA region in 2017 was… the UK business Deliveroo! The company, which is engaged in food delivery, experienced a record-breaking growth rate of 107,117% which has been unrivalled this year!

“Which three ingredients were essential for our success? You must have a founder who loves what he does, has a passion for something and follows it. Of course, it is necessary to be surrounded by people who are the same enthusiasts, sharing the initial idea and vision with the founder. The second ingredient is based on the constant focus on one’s passion and not giving up the goals. And the third essential ingredient are investors, they are of major importance as well. We would be unable to develop our business without them,” summarised his way to success Philip Green, CFO at Deliveroo, the fastest-growing technology firm in the EMA region in 2017.

Ranking of the Czech businesses
Technology Fast 500 EMEA in 2017

In addition to (7th place) and Prusa Research (9th place), the 500 fastest-growing technology companies also include STRV (116th place), ZOOT (143rd place) and IDEA RS (394th place).

We would like to congratulate to all companies in the raking on their success in Technology Fast 500 EMEA, as well as in Technology Fast 50 CE.

Have a look at the complete ranking of companies (PDF) which placed among the 500 fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Are you interested in the trip of Czech companies to Paris? Remember the ranking Technology Fast 50 CE.

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