Research and Development

Digital Technology Services

We are aware that your solutions are of an innovative and development nature, and we are ready to advise you on how to make use of the tax benefits applicable to these activities and to use the resulting savings for reinvestment.

What do we offer our TMT clients?

Take a look at the list of our main services:

  • A team of technical specialists will review your project documentation.
  • We will assist you in setting up an internal system of R&D expense reporting.
  • We will review the costs eligible for tax benefits.
  • We will arrange for an expert opinion on your R&D activities.

Have you not found the service that fits you best? Is there anything specific you require assistance with? Get in touch with us and we will find a solution that is the perfect match for your needs.


Kateřina Novotná

Kateřina Novotná

Senior Manager

Kateřina Novotná is a senior manager at Deloitte’s Tax & Legal Department. She specialises in corporate income tax advisory and advisory in implementing research and development projects. She is a mem... More