Revolutionizing Customer Experience:  Leveraging IRENA through Generative AI

This first article of the IRENA: Pioneering the Future of Customer Service with Cutting-Edge Technologies series covers how our intelligent contact center solution IRENA has managed to cooperate with the new generative AI boom.


As customer expectations continue to evolve, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to enhance their customer experience. Last year our team proudly introduced IRENA as a quick response to those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. IRENA has been very successful in supporting a variety of NGOs to quickly handle increased demand for their services by upscaling their contact capabilities. As of today, IRENA has managed to serve more than 15,000 callers among 12 NGOs. Since it started, IRENA has evolved into a cutting-edge cloud contact center solution that leverages the capabilities of cloud and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional customer service and almost infinite possibilities. In this article, we introduce IRENA's unfolding capabilities, and focus on the booming potential of generative AI, exploring how IRENA and our customers can benefit from implementing this groundbreaking technology.


IRENA: Redefining Customer Service

IRENA is an intelligent virtual contact center platform designed to revolutionize customer interactions across various industries. With its scalability, flexibility, and 24/7 availability, IRENA empowers businesses to deliver personalized and efficient customer interactions. By incorporating custom conversational AI scripts and language choices, IRENA ensures that every customer interaction is tailored to the organization's brand identity and target audience. IRENA’s objective is to enhance customer service with the latest technologies, such as generative AI, in order to benefit customers.

Unleashing Possibilities with Generative AI

The recent boom in generative AI has been fueled by advancements in natural language processing and deep learning algorithms. This has allowed AI systems to understand and generate human-like responses, making them an invaluable asset to customer service applications. Generative AI systems have the ability to comprehend complex queries, handle multiple languages, and even recognize emotions, allowing for a truly immersive and personalized customer experience. Currently, 70% of organizations are exploring possibilities to use generative AI, which also entails investments. According to Gartner, 38% of investments made are focusing on customer experience and retention. 1

By incorporating generative AI into its framework, IRENA offers a multitude of benefits for both businesses and their customers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Advanced capabilities of large language models (LLMs), such as content augmentation, summarization and real-time content classification, can enhance IRENA's chabot/voicebot capabilities by engaging customers in dynamic, context-aware conversations and whispering relevant responses to customers. This fosters a more personalized and interactive experience, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Efficient Query Resolution: With LLMs, IRENA can understand and address complex queries more effectively and therefore help agents to work more efficiently and enhance their KPIs. With numerous features, such as real-time response suggestions based on customer messages, generative AI is making it easier for agents to reply. Agents can effortlessly copy and paste the suggested answers into the chat window. It then provides more accurate and relevant responses and has a great effect on call center KPIs by reducing customer waiting time (AHT), agents after work time (AWT), and increasing query resolution efficiency. 2

Multilingual Support: Generative AI, with its trained large language models (LLMs), is going to revolutionize the capabilities of intelligent contact centers through its multilingual capabilities. With its extensive support of 85 languages (Open AI Chat GPT) and Google’s incentive to expand the capabilities to 1000 languages and dialects, generative AI empowers IRENA to communicate effortlessly across multiple languages, eliminating language barriers and enhancing customer interactions. 3 This breakthrough enables IRENA to serve a diverse customer base without the limitations of language, resulting in faster implementation of customer inquiries and support.

Continuous Learning and Improvement: Utilizing Generative AI, IRENA engages in a perpetual process of learning and enhancing its capabilities. Each customer interaction serves as a valuable opportunity for IRENA to acquire new knowledge and tailor its responses accordingly. This iterative learning methodology ensures that IRENA consistently enhances its comprehension and performance, resulting in more precise and effective customer service delivery. By harnessing the power of large language models, IRENA possesses the ability to swiftly adapt to evolving requirements, guaranteeing personalized and contextually relevant interactions. Leveraging these advanced models significantly improves the identification and categorization of user intentions, enabling accurate and prompt responses in scenarios involving voicebots and chatbots. Transitioning from conventional conversational AI to generative AI introduces a plethora of exciting possibilities in constructing chatbot flows. Generative AI empowers chatbots to engage in dynamic and context-aware conversations, enabling them to generate original and natural responses. 4



IRENA, powered by the remarkable capabilities of generative AI, has gained significant improvements by leveraging fast learning AI models in the creation of the next generation of contact center solutions. The ability to train models allows IRENA to rapidly iterate and refine its conversational capabilities, resulting in more accurate and natural interactions with customers. With fast learning models, IRENA can quickly adapt to new use cases, industries, and customer preferences, ensuring that, for example, its voicebot and chatbot solutions are always up-to-date and capable of providing relevant and personalized responses.

This agility enables IRENA to stay ahead of the competition and deliver cutting-edge customer service experiences while continuously learning from customer interactions. IRENA is redefining customer service and elevating customer experiences to new heights by delivering personalized and efficient interactions. By harnessing the power of generative AI, businesses can unlock the full potential of IRENA, gaining a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Our team is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, empowering businesses to thrive in the age of AI-driven customer service.


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