Digital Business

Advisory services provided by Deloitte help companies take a strategic approach to digital technology supporting their business activities. Digital business is not a brand-new phenomenon on the Czech market; nevertheless, only a few companies have been able to adapt and use all digital communication channels and innovative digital solutions relating to technological progress.

Enterprise Business – Digital Transformation

Current digital trends, such as innovations related to social networks, web solutions, digital marketing and analytics, pose a threat but at the same time present new opportunities for companies. New solutions also enable innovative ways of approaching new clients and partners as well as a pro-active protection against the leaving of the current ones. Enterprise business/ digital transformation introduces a new approach to ensure the compliance of business with IT, providing independent advisory services in the area of information management related to drawing a proposal and supervising the implementation of solutions as well as more-efficient use of new IT tools adapted to the organisation's operation.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the professional output of activities performed by our prominent consultants specifying the strategy for use and the optimal mixture of modern digital technology, such as websites, mobile technology, social networks and online analytical tools to support the company's business goals.  

Creating and implementing a digital strategy in your company will facilitate:

  • Gaining and strengthening client's loyalty to the product, brand or company;
  • Refining the ability to personalise and customise services and products based on the client's needs;
  • Aiming services and products at new segments and clients;
  • Accelerating the transfer of marketing messages to the market and obtaining efficient and prompt feedback;
  • Lowering operation costs;
  • Introducing measurability into the area of advertising and marketing; and
  • Involving own employees in innovation and knowledge sharing.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is becoming an inevitable part of our private and business lives. Young people spend more than four hours a day on social networks and gradually, their habits will start to mingle with their future job.

Deloitte Digital helps its clients prepare for the arrival of social technology in the business sector affecting both the communication with clients, customers and partners and internal communication. The objective is to incorporate social technology in the current corporate strategy and support it with real business case.

In addition to enhancing the communication with clients and among employees, we are searching for opportunities to find new income for companies via social networks.

Web Content Monetization

Websites are an inseparable part of an enterprise's identity as well as a marketing and purchasing channel.

We help companies find new ways of selling their products and services via web and mobile channels. We design new business models linking the company and clients by web and mobile technology. We seek to gain the maximum benefits from website-based information on the client's movement and activities in order to segment the clients in specific client groups and present them with a bespoke proposal. Concurrently, we also search for ways to reduce the resources spent on gaining new customers online.