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Overview of services

Are you planning a new service or product for your customers? Do you feel you need to check their reaction in advance? At Deloitte, we will provide you with comprehensive services in the field of user testing or grant you access to our Usability Lab, so you can test your latest idea in a simulated environment.

Why is it beneficial to incorporate UX (user experience) testing into the development of your products and services?

User testing helps you understand the interaction between the user, software, hardware and business processes. It is thus possible to test your business ideas and concepts before their actual implementation.

Benefits of testing with real users:

  1. Testing whether your product or service satisfies the needs of your customers;
  2. Identifying problems and finding out what your users do not understand, what frustrates them and why they prefer competing products;
  3. Finding out why customers leave your website, application or registration process;
  4. Getting specific incentives for (re)design;
  5. Understanding the effectiveness and impact of texts, forms and placement of interactive elements

Why should you test products and services with us?

Deloitte UX experts use a combination of classic UX testing and advanced tools, such as eye-tracking, facial expression and gesture analysis and in-depth interviews. Our experts are thus able to gain comprehensive insights about the user’s interactions with your product or service. 

In addition, our team will guide you through the entire UX testing process from A to Z:
  • Recruiting a target group of users;
  • Professional hosting;
  • Professional data analysis and objective feedback;
  • Summary of the most important findings regarding problem areas including recommendations for further development;
  • Usability Lab is equipped based on the knowledge from the recent studies precisely for the requirements of the efficient UX testing.
We can also grant you access to the Usability Lab so you have the entire testing capacity at your full disposal:
  • Testing room for up to 15 respondents, equipped with sensitive ceiling microphones and four HD cameras with zoom;
  • Observation room for 12 people, equipped with a 4k screen and several HD displays;
  • Recording device and streaming from both rooms, including remote communication;
  • Interactive multitouch panels allowing to switch camera views to capture every moment;
  • Eye-tracking device used for tracking eye movement to understand user behaviour;
  • A large smart wall allowing the research team to record insights and collaborate on ideas in real time.

What services do we offer?

  • Prototyping – We will help you create both low-fi and high-fi prototypes for testing;
  • Pre-testing – We will advise you on prototype modifications for increased testing efficiency;
  • Recruitment of respondents – We will ensure the right target group for the testing of your product or service;
  • UX Lab rental – We will grant you access to our Usability Lab for an agreed number of days;
  • Eye-tracking camera – We will perform testing using an eye-tracking camera;
  • Moderator – In-depth interviews will be planned and conducted by our UX expert with a degree in psychology, who will be at your service in the observation room;
  • Facilitator – Our UX expert will be in charge of operating tech devices, recording the session and processing detailed analysis. The facilitator will be at your service in the observation room;
  • Insights report – We will summarise individual findings in a concise report, where we describe in detail the flow of your process, functionality of forms, text quality, efficiency of element placement, and flow of user attention;
  • Summary video – We will edit the recording of problematic and surprising findings that took place during the testing;
  • Business advisory – We will compile an action plan and determine the business impact based on the findings.

How can you use our Usability Lab?

In our Usability Lab, you can easily perform various types of research activities: in-depth individual interviews, testing of prototypes and ideas, panel discussions and design sprints.

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