Jan Hejtmánek


Partner | Deloitte CE AI Institute Leader

Jan Hejtmánek

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Prague 2

Czech Republic

120 00

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Jan is a Partner in the Consulting department at Deloitte in the Czech Republic. He leads the Intelligent Automation team for Deloitte CE and is a member of the Intelligent Automation Committee for Deloitte Global. 

He specializes in developing advanced business-technological solutions and their introduction to the largest global organizations. Jan has over 18 years of experience in technology adaptation for business efficiency. He works closely with clients and helps them transform their processes with regard to digitalisation and end-to-end transformation.

Jan leads the Deloitte CE AI Institute, which aims to showcase all of Deloitte's key activities in the artificial intelligence area.

Jan Hejtmánek