Kryštof Dosoudil

Real Estate & Construction law | Environmental Law Deloitte Legal

Senior Associate | Attorney at Law

Kryštof Dosoudil

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Prague 2

Czech Republic

120 00

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Kryštof Dosoudil is an attorney-at-law Deloitte Legal in Prague, where he has been working since 2018. He specializes in real estate law, in particular legal advisory related to leases, real estate transactions, including due diligence, and other legal aspects related to real estate. So far, in his career, Kryštof has focused on environmental law, especially water law and waste management, and in the past he also focused on public procurement law. In his practice, he worked on projects for both private companies and investors, as well as for public sector entities.

Kryštof Dosoudil