Olga Kaizar

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Partner | Attorney at Law

Olga Kaizar

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Praha 2

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Olga Kaizar is a Partner, Attorney-at-law and head of the Real Estate and Environmental Law team at Deloitte Legal in Prague. She has more than 20 years of experience in real estate law. Olga specializes in providing legal services for domestic and international clients and leads comprehensive real estate transactions and development projects. Prior to joining Deloitte Legal, she provided legal support to leading Central European real estate and investment group, especially in the area of international M&A transactions and financing. Olga led landmark transactions including the biggest agriculture land transaction in the Czech Republic, acquisition of hotel portfolios in the Czech Republic, Central Europe and Italy, as well as legal advisory on major developments projects. In her practice, Olga combines innovative technologies together with her business experience in order to provide clients with modern and holistic solutions which go beyond traditional legal services.

Olga Kaizar