Viktor Prešovský

Applied Analytics


Viktor Prešovský

Nile House

Karolinská 654/2

Prague 8

Czech Republic

186 00

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Viktor has extensive experience in data analytics. Projects delivered under or with his assistance were in the field of data quality evaluation, data mining - extraction, transformation, testing, reporting, data migration and consolidation, data processing automation, data depersonalisation and general data processing assistance on various internal or external forensic engagements. Before joining Deloitte, he worked in areas of software development and telecommunications, where he participated in, or led teams on, software and telecommunication projects.

Projects delivered and technical expertise in areas of general data extraction, transformation and load (ETL); data quality and completeness evaluation/assurance (DQEA); automation of data processing; data depersonalisation; data fuzzy matching; extraction and modification documents automatized classification; images automatized processing and manipulation; geospatial analysis.  

Viktor Prešovský