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IoT Newsflash No. 02/2018

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr

The second Deloitte IoT Newsflash covers relevant news affecting the IoT market, covering Google and their purchase of Xively, the “Charter of Trust”, Qualcomm Wireless Edge Services for IoT as well as Bosch and their new IoT campus in Berlin.


Google is to acquire Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn for $50M

Google announced in February that it will buy Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million. Xively is a tool that enables device designers to build connectivity into the design process while providing a cloud-mobile connection between the end user app and the connected device. With this purchase, Google Cloud adds an established IoT platform to their portfolio and underlines the importance of the IoT market for their business.

Siemens, IBM, Daimler and Deutsche Telekom signed the „Charter of Trust” for more security in IoT infrastructure

Eight companies, part of them are Siemens, Daimler, IBM or Deutsche Telekom signed a „Charter of Trust“ at the Munich Security Conference. The goal of this charter is to define and set binding rules and standards for more cybersecurity along the value chain as well as to build trust in new technical developments.

Qualcomm Technologies announces the introduction of Qualcomm Wireless Edge Services for IoT

Qualcomm, one of the biggest multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment companies announced wireless edge services. These are software services that are designed to meet the requirements of Industrial IoT customers to provision, connect and manage long life-cycles intelligent wireless devices through their cloud platforms.

Bosch opens IoT campus in Berlin

Bosch, the Engineering and Electronics Company, is opening its global IoT campus in Berlin. From the start, more than 250 employees from different domains will work at this new site.

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Florian Ploner

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