Posted: Feb 05, 2018 10 min min. read

Scaling IoT on a global level – Our approach

Jan-Hendrik Adolphs, Tobias Pascal Hess & Dr. Konstantin Dörr

When it comes to developing IoT solutions from the very first idea to a global rollout, Deloitte faces its clients multiple challenges in three phases: Identify – Implement – Operate. In the video below, Deloitte illustrates how to scale IoT on a global level.

                 Identify – Implement – Operate



First, Deloitte identifies suitable growth areas, requirements as well as risks and challenges of the client and its industry. Based on these findings, Deloitte validates the existing approach and develops an iterative IoT use case roadmap to set up integrated, tailored IoT solutions. Finally, first prototypes as proof of concepts can be developed.


This iterative phase puts solving technical and organizational challenges in focus. Besides technical implementation aspects, internal factors such as people, management and governance must be spotlighted. In any case, Deloitte ensures a holistic implementation.


Phase 3 conveys strategies to improve and leverage operational efficiency to actively skyrocket IoT on a global level. Anchored in a comprehensive and relevant IoT ecosystem, Deloitte improves the client’s core IoT capabilities to enable the client as high-flyer in IoT.

This simple three-step approach allows Deloitte to transform corporate strategy into a customized IoT action plan. Because IoT demands neither purely strategic consideration, nor a purely operative implementation plan, Deloitte moves forward with both: A strategic vision with a practical mind-set. 

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