Posted: 10 Jan. 2017 4 min. read

The Internet of Things: Connected Everything

Welcome to the Deloitte IoT Blog

From Kaja Andritzke

Who we are

We as the IoT practice of Deloitte Germany are delighted to introduce our new blog today.As part of the global IoT initiative at Deloitte, the German practice drives business-value focused IoT solutions from the very first idea to the global operation. We offer detailed insights into the possibilities and sustainable value of IoT solutions and develop custom strategies across industries.

On this blog, we share learnings from our IoT projects and introduce best practices as well as our Point of Views. We offer additional findings, statistics and analyses, publish interviews with IoT experts and keep you up to date about major IoT developments.

Initially established in summer 2016, we have since grown into a team of 40+ practitioners led by Dr. Gunther Wagner and Andreas Staffen. To name just a few, let us introduce ourselves as some of the contributors to this blog.

What we do

Nowadays, billions of interconnected sensors and devices are enabled and qualified to exchange data in real-time. Together, they form the Internet of Things, enabling critical insights, greater efficiency, and new business models in dozens of industries, creating trillions of dollars of value globally.

We focus on the corporate application of IoT solutions in specific organizations rather than single end-user devices, which is reflected in how we approach IoT. Our work spans from the identification of suitable strategic courses of action, over respective technology and organizational transformation to a steady optimization of operation and delivery principles. More details regarding our IoT service offerings are following in a separate blog post. 

Our alliances help us deliver the right solutions

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Want to learn more?

Get in touch with our team to start a conversation about how your organization can leverage the full potential of the Internet of Things.

Visit our IoT blog collection to learn more perspectives on the internet of things.

Your Contacts

Andreas Staffen

Andreas Staffen

Partner | Technology Strategy & Transformation

Andreas Staffen verantwortet das Offering IoT and IT Architecture (Smart Manufacturing) für Deutschland und gestaltet die Digitalisierung der Supply Chain seit 2004. Dabei begleitet er deutsche, europäische und globale Unternehmen bei der erfolgreichen Umsetzung schlanker und integrierter IT Architekturen für die Entwicklung und Produktion. Durch die Umsetzung des Industrie 4.0 Gedanken in der Deloitte Digital Factory werden die Auswirkungen auf die Geschäftsmodelle unserer Kunden erlebbar und die weitere Gestaltung einfacher realisierbar.

Florian Ploner

Florian Ploner

Sector Lead Industrial Products & Construction

Florian Ploner ist Partner in der Practice Technology Strategy & Transformation und Sector Lead Industrial Products & Construction. Er verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Beratungserfahrung mit einem starken Fokus auf der verarbeitenden Industrie und hilft seinen Kunden in Europa, Amerika und Asien bei globalen Transformationsprogrammen – stets unter Berücksichtigung neuerster Technologien. Zudem ist er ein ausgewiesener Experte auf den Themengebieten Industrie 4.0, Smart Factory und Go2Market.