Diversity is not something we do, it is who we are. By raising awareness of diversity, Deloitte encourages us to rethink our perceptions by enabling conversation on societal aspects and incorporating different points of view.

Alex, Enabling Services Senior Coordinator at Deloitte Romania, explains what diversity and inclusion at Deloitte means to him.

Salut (“hello” in Romanian), my name is Alex and I work as a Senior Coordinator in the national office of Deloitte Romania.
“ALL IN” is Deloitte’s global commitment to diversity and inclusion that focuses on nurturing our corresponding values by spreading awareness on how diverse our organization is and on what kind of culture we live. It stands as proof that cultivating an inclusive environment has a positive effect on all our people, regardless of whether or not they are part of any minority group. We are all in, together. 

Diversity is not something we do, it is who we are. By raising awareness of diversity, Deloitte encourages us to rethink our perceptions by enabling conversation on societal aspects and incorporating different points of view.

ALL IN – what exactly does this mean to you? 
In my perspective, being ALL IN always speaks of how we are all in this together, while also being connected to one of our core values at Deloitte: to act as one. For me, this is not just a phrase, but also a statement: that we are all inclusive, and that we are single-minded in choosing to be so. Furthermore, it speaks of how we are responsible for making an impact that matters – within our organization, to our clients and our society. Deloitte encourages us to behave this way because each of us can make a step towards generating positive change – it doesn’t matter that we come from different places with different backgrounds. We are all connected in making a difference.   

How did you become a protagonist for the ALL IN videos? 
First, when I heard about the idea of creating videos for Deloitte’s commitment ALL IN, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of this. As a part of the LGBTQ community, in this project I saw the opportunity to speak openly about this, even though it is a very personal story. It felt like this is the right time to do it, as I wanted to raise awareness for this topic in general, but also let other people know that it is okay to talk openly about it in a work environment. My hope was that this would help others come to terms with themselves. It was a nice surprise that my team leader then recommended me to be one of the testimonials. 

What is your personal understanding of diversity and inclusion and why is this topic so important for you? 
My understanding of diversity and inclusion translates into making people feel safe and making our environment a place of acceptance, dignity, integrity and kindness – at work, as well as in our private life. 

Diversity and inclusion means a great deal to me because of two primordial reasons. First, I see myself as a representative of my generation, “Gen Z”, which values kindness, acceptance and inclusion greatly. When we see this kind of behavior in an organization, it encourages us to become part of it and to be proud. Secondly, as part of the LBTGQ community, facing society is one of the hardest things we have to do nowadays. Being part of an organization that celebrates inclusion proves that things are getting better. 

How does diversity play a role in your way of working or leading others?
First of all, diversity is not something we do, it is who we are. By raising awareness of diversity, Deloitte encourages us to rethink our perceptions by enabling conversation on societal aspects and incorporating different points of view. That is why diversity plays a huge role in my way of working. Diverse employees bring a far-reaching set of life experiences and backgrounds to the table, meaning they are often looking at life through different lenses. Exactly those unique perspectives can open up new ways of solving challenges or addressing problems. When different viewpoints mash together, the potential of innovation grows exponentially. This is what I also tell my team, and I have always received positive reactions! I am convinced that if you can be yourself at work, you will be more engaged and feel more committed – at least I do.

What does it mean to you to work in a diverse environment?
As a young professional, I have the opportunity to kick-off my career in a company with business for and about people. Speaking about people, we inherently speak about diversity. For me, this means recognizing the added value that people bring to the table regardless of other external factors. Whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer, introvert or extrovert, gay or straight, Romanian or foreigner, creative or analytical, you are a part of a human-centred organization. 

What is your personal impact to living diversity and inclusion? 
I am committed to using my personal story, my voice and my struggles in order to inspire other colleagues who are asking themselves if it is okay to be who they are at work, and to encourage them to share their personal stories too. I truly believe that creating this kind of environment, in which people are feeling comfortable to be themselves will boost both individual and team productivity, confidence, ability to speak up, while also influencing the retention rate. 

How did you experience working with diverse colleagues? What did you learn from it? 
Although working in a highly diverse and multicultural environment comes with its own unique challenges, it comes with a lot more benefits as well. Personally, I had the chance to work with many colleagues from different Deloitte member firms on delivering various projects which I enjoyed very much. By doing so, I understood that in the future, when we will have more and more Artificial Intelligence and technology enabling our daily activities, human interaction will be at a crossroads. The question will then be if we are able to maintain connectivity and human individuality without using technology. Therefore, I learned that skills like adaptability, team spirit as well as emotional and social intelligence will become even more important – skills that you can develop and nurture best by working in a diverse environment. 


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