Approachability and adaptability are core skills for success at Deloitte.

Vidy, a Solution Engineer in Cloud Transformation, on success and excitement at Deloitte.

Hello, my name is Vidy and I am a Solution Engineer in Cloud Transformation at Deloitte Germany.
Born in Dubai, I lived and worked in a variety of countries before joining Deloitte Germany. These days, I concentrate my energies on tackling challenges with the local team in Berlin. Get excited to know more about my daily work in my blog post. 

Approachability and adaptability are core skills for success at Deloitte.

You joined Deloitte in February 2020. What is your educational background and what brought you to Deloitte?
I completed a bachelor’s degree in computational biology at McGill University in Montreal. A number of years later, while working for Deloitte Albania, I took on a project for Deloitte in Germany.

Why did you choose Deloitte?
I chose Deloitte primarily because of its solid reputation in various fields and its progressive attitude towards emerging markets. I also had the pleasure of meeting several Deloitte staff before accepting the job. This definitely helped me make the decision.

You were born and raised in Dubai. Does your work benefit from your international background?
Besides being born and raised in multi-cultural Dubai, I have also lived and worked in Canada, Japan, Italy and Albania. This sort of exposure makes collaborating with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds very natural. It has also helped with conflict resolution and made me more patient and open-minded.

What does a person need to be successful in the Cloud Transformation team at Deloitte?
Approachability and adaptability are core skills for success at Deloitte. Being communicative and responsive and providing neutral feedback are decisive for a functioning team. Adapting to new projects, coworkers and scenarios can be a challenge for many. Learning how to go with the flow is key.

What kind of projects have you worked on?
So far, I have mostly worked on a project in financial technology that provides support and core development to several clients using our tailored solution stack. 

What are your typical tasks as a solution engineer? What is the most exciting? 
A solution engineer’s tasks can be extremely varied depending on the project, team and software stack. Generally, though, they consist of writing clean and well-maintained code; adhering to agile and workflow principles; and providing customer support, documentation and other tasks. 

My most exciting tasks so far have been tuning database performance for stored procedures and queries dealing with massive tables and business logic, and developing curriculum and training videos on using our software stack for new team members.

What do you like most about your job and your team? Do you travel a lot or do you mainly work locally?
Personally, I haven’t had to do much travelling for work because most of our development staff are off-premises. We spend most of our time working with the team locally. What I like most is how diverse the team is in terms of age, ethnicity, language, culture and gender. Something interesting happens almost every day, whether it’s sharing a bit of technical knowledge, a time management habit or just great banter.

For whom could a career in Deloitte’s cloud team be just the right thing and why?
A career in Deloitte’s cloud team would be ideal for someone who wants to learn about a wide array of solutions from state-of-the-art approaches to older, less-supported technology, from in-production systems to ground-up solutions as well as from fast-paced client work to novel concepts on the whiteboard.

In addition, we offer many opportunities for certification in new technology and software. We are looking for people who want to get better and learn new things, people who have an open mind and who think critically.

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