Posted: 19 Feb. 2021

If you’re passionate about cloud and want to grow in this field, Deloitte is the place to be.

Zareen, Manager within the Cloud Transformation team, talks about the advantages of working at Deloitte and her experiences at member firms in multiple countries.

Hi, my name is Zareen and I am a Manager in the Cloud Transformation at Deloitte.
In my point of view, Deloitte offers a special work environment for its employees. Nowhere else will you find the same combination of opportunity, challenge, talent, diversity, and support. Curious? I am glad to tell you more in my blog post.

If you’re passionate about cloud and want to grow in this field, Deloitte is the place to be.

You have been a manager in Cloud Transformation for a while now. Where did you work previously, and what kind of experience do you bring to Deloitte?
I started my career with Deloitte back in 2009. I left the company in 2015 to do my MBA in the US, and then rejoined the firm at their Chicago office. After about a year, I moved to Germany, joined Deloitte Germany, and have been here ever since. My experience is quite diverse, ranging from the adoption of new IT systems to broader strategic transformation projects.

Why did you choose Deloitte and its cloud consulting division as the next step in your career? What did you find compelling?
The Deloitte brand is known around the world for its exceptional professional services – and for good reason. The opportunities I’ve had, the expertise gained during each of my assignments, and the support I’ve received from leadership – all of these things make Deloitte a superb employer. In general, Deloitte provides you with the right tools and guidance to succeed.

Who should consider working for Deloitte? What career opportunities does Deloitte offer?
If you’re passionate about cloud and want to grow in this field, Deloitte is the place to be. We need cloud strategists, cloud developers, modernization experts, DevOps specialists, and agile coaches. We are constantly looking for people who are driven, who are open to challenges, and who believe in delivering value to our clients. The opportunity to work with the very best talent while designing innovative solutions for complex problems makes Deloitte unique.

You have worked at various Deloitte member firms in multiple countries. How have they been similar? How have they been different?
The one thing all member firms share is amazing talent. There is always something you can learn from your colleagues. And you can always get help if needed. The culture and values are the same across the globe. While there are differences  in terms of the scale of the projects or language requirements, these are minor. Deloitte truly is an amazing network of global member firms.

What is your advice to anyone interested in starting a career in cloud computing?
First, recognize and understand your motivations. Are you interested in the cloud because it is a hot topic? Or is it because you are genuinely interested in the subject matter, and want to expand your skills? Second, try to identify the different areas of cloud computing that match your specific expertise. If you are technically inclined, there are many opportunities for cloud solution architects. If you lean toward service delivery, consider work in the agile and DevOps spaces. Third, equip yourself with the required training and certification. Our firm has strong alliances with all the major hyperscalers (AWS, Google, etc.). A highly recommend starting place would be to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which provides you with almost everything you need to start your own cloud journey. Next, sign up for free seminars, get involved in the cloud community, and follow thought leaders and influencers through Deloitte podcasts.

What is the best advice you have received in your professional career and how has it helped you?
It is hard to pin down the single best piece of advice I have received. I have been very fortunate to have amazing mentors, who have always had my best interests in mind and have acted as sounding boards for me. Nevertheless, I do remember one signed note that I particularly cherish. It said, “Zareen, Dream Big!” While this may sound simple, it is special because of the person who gave it to me: Mallory Weggemann, the paralympic gold medalist swimmer. Deloitte invited her to speak at an internship conference in Dallas, where she shared her story. She didn’t let her disability get in the way of smashing numerous world records. It is never too late to turn a new page and make an impact that matters!

What do you like most about your job and your team?
We are an amalgam of strategists, architects, and developers with diverse nationalities and backgrounds. We all bring our best selves and help each other deliver value to our clients. Personally, I like that we have the opportunity to assist and guide our clients through the complexities of the cloud. It is both challenging and enriching at the same time. Even though we do not get to meet physically at client sites, we find ways to connect or catch up over virtual coffee meetings. My favorite thing about our team is how helpful, supportive, and empowering we are with each other. It makes you realize that we are stronger together, and it inspires you to pay it forward.

Which is your area of work in cloud computing and what are your specializations?
Cloud transformation and systems engineering span a wide spectrum of cloud computing, from strategy and native development to application modernization. I work with cloud strategy that enables our clients to unlock the potential of the cloud, plot a clear strategy and prepare them to embark on their cloud adoption journey. Our experts are trusted partners who help clients navigate the complexities of cloud computing, understand how the cloud can facilitate their operations, and make it a part of their business and IT strategy.

I specialize in cloud competence centers/cloud nerve centers, which play a vital role in successful cloud adoption. For more information, I encourage you to check out the LinkedIn article I wrote on the topic.

Do you think women are adequately represented on your team?
We have numerous women on our team, and fortunately our leaders believe in the growth and empowerment of women. Having said that, there is still a lot of room for improvement, and we actively encourage women to apply. Additionally, there are internal initiatives that help us to connect with women in technology and learn from them, such as WIN and Panda; these initiatives are endorsed by the firm leadership. Diversity and inclusion has been one of our chief priorities and it will remain so in the future.

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