Posted: 22 Feb. 2021

Cloud technology is an excellent domain for women to succeed.

Daria tells about her job as a cloud transformation manager as well as her support of other women in the tech industry.

Hello, my name is Daria and I am working as a cloud transformation manager at Deloitte Consulting.
I am an expert for cloud solutions and help companies thrive in our rapidly changing technological world. Excited? I am happy to tell you more in my blog. 

Cloud technology is an excellent domain for women to succeed.

First things first: What do you do at Deloitte?
I joined Deloitte at 2019 as an expert in cloud systems. The cloud-strategy consulting team was small at that time, but we now work alongside experts in systems engineering. With the knowledge-sharing opportunities offered by Deloitte’s global operations, I think we can become the premiere consultancy for cloud solutions in Germany. Pursuing this goal is what drives me on a day-to-day basis.

How did you develop your passion for tech? Have you always been tech-savvy?
While studying business administration at the University of Mannheim I did an internship at SAP, which is headquartered nearby. This sparked my interest in IT technology; I completed my degree with a focus on Information Systems Management.

We live in a world of rapid technological change. How does this affect your work?
With major cloud service providers releasing new products every day, part of my job description is to stay ahead of the latest technological developments, so I can optimally support the digital transformation of our clients. Ongoing change is simply par for the course, as all aspects of corporate organization are now IT-driven.

You have training certification in a range of topics, including project management (PRINCE2), agile project management (ITIL, SCRUM), and cloud technology (Google, AWS, Azure). Have these certifications been a big help for your professional development?
Completing a certification course is an excellent way of staying on top of the latest technologies and practices. I tend to be goal-oriented, so the structured format of such courses keeps me focused and motivated. The coronavirus pandemic has meant less travel, so I have used the extra time productively, completing three certifications thus far. Beyond the practical advantages of acquired know-how, official certifications vouch for your expertise, so clients respond well to them.

You’re a member of the PANDA tech network for women. Tell us a bit more about that!
I’m a Deloitte representative within the PANDA network, which offers unique networking opportunities for women. At the next PANDA event I will be giving a presentation on the importance of cloud-based transformation. In addition to being one of the most important trends in tech, cloud technology is an excellent domain for women to succeed, in part because knowledge in this area is constantly in flux, meaning ambition and persistence are the most crucial components of success.

You are also a member of WIN (Women in Network), a collaborative initiative for female employees at Deloitte Consulting. What is WIN about?
WIN is our in-house initiative to support, inspire and empower female colleagues at Deloitte Consulting. I am proud to be a promoter of WIN, as I believe that diversity is crucial for success in today’s business world, especially in technology consulting. I have worked on numerous client projects with strong female leaders, and I’m convinced that our clients want diverse teams, because they bring better results.

Why is networking important for women in the tech industry?
Network is essential for success in consulting and for rising to leadership positions. Men are very good at networking and supporting each other. As women, we need to do the same thing – because together we are stronger. What I appreciate most at Deloitte is the environment of mutual support: not only the encouragement that I receive from my female colleagues, but also the opportunity to help other women grow. We still don’t have enough women in leadership positions, but this is changing – thanks to the support we have been getting from upper management, in addition to initiatives such as PANDA and WIN.

What advice would you give to ambitious individuals at the start of their career?
Today, technology is a crucial enabler of success in business, across all industries. So developing an aptitude for technology is important, even if it’s not your primary focus.

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